New Jersey (USA) Online Gambling Launch Date announced

June 14, 2017
New Jersey (USA) Online Gambling Launch Date announced


New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement have release an Internet Gaming FAQs page indicating a key step towards legislation.  The division announces a "go-live" date of no less than three months, nor more than nine months from 26th February 2013. They added that the Director is required by statue to give 45 days notice prior to the launch date.

A full proposed regulations PDf can be found at the following link: The document highlight a non refundable nifty $100,000 to be paid in full for each Internet Permit application, $200,000 insurance fee, $400,000 for the internet permit fee itself and a furhter annual renewable fee of $250,000 and an annual Responsible Internet fee of $250,000.

As for the Faqs page, it clearly indicates a big step forward towards the launch of internet gambling in New Jersey with specific dates wand in particular a deadline to complete license applications by 29th July 2013 re-inforced by a letter written by David Rebuck (director of the New Jersey Division of Gaming enforcement).

Other key points from the FAQs section include:

  • no New Jersey residency requirements for foreign companies (meaning foreigns can apply)
  • ll agreements related to hardware and software are required to be reviewed by the Division.
  • While an Independent Software Contractor is not otherwise required to be vendor registered, pursuant to N.J.S.A, the Director has discretion to require  the Independent Software Contractor to vendor register pursuant to 92c(1),  file for licensure as a 92a(1) casino service industry enterprise, or file as a 92a(3) ancillary casino service industry enterprise.
  • the only new required mandatory position is an Internet games manager.  This person is required to be licensed as a key employee located in New Jersey
  • A casino operator’s primary equipment and datacenter used to conduct Internet gaming shall be located in a restricted area on the premises of any casino hotel within the territorial limits of Atlantic City, New Jersey
  • Casino licensees are required to establish their own internal controls, which are filed with the Division.  They are also required to conduct gaming in accordance with regulations that can be found on the Division’s website at:
  • Once the Division’s Service Industry Licensing Bureau has deemed the company’s licensing/suitability application as “complete”, they may submit their product for testing.
  • Products may be submitted as part of a total system or individually.
  • Any game offered to patrons for wagering must be submitted to and approved by the Division’s Technical Services Bureau (TSB)

Through this announcement, New Jersey is now becoming the secont US state to legalise online gambling. Lets hope that this will motivate many other states to finally open the online gaming doors.

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