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Iron Man

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This WMS video slot is based on the Marvel films of Iron Man. In a world now filled with all types of comic book super heroes, most of them well known to all, very few will be remembered for their impact into the hearts of millions worldwide such as the ever pleasant but extremely egotistical Tony Stark. Robert Downey Jr. who portrays Stark and his alter ego Iron Man in the hit blockbuster films gives more than just a fitting performance. Downey’s fast witted persona and smart-assed comments makes the character jump off the big screen and into this sensational WMS video slot for fans and gamers to revel in.

Iron Man Theme

This fantastic 80 line video slot combines dazzling effects with iconic Iron Man film scenes. Its vertically 5x12 expanded reel array is a sure fire hit for fans and video slot gamers alike. The game is based mainly on the first 3 films all rolled into one entertaining machine. Stunning graphics and great attention to detail are just a few things that will make you want to keep playing. With the likeness and voice of Robert Downey Jr. (Tony Stark/Iron Man) you’ll also find other characters in the game play such as Jarvis, War Machine, Black Widow, and Whiplash. The theme is simple. Play by controlling the famous Iron Man suit throughout the bonus levels and try to win big…But that’s just the beginning…


The game has 4 exciting main character features. Each feature comes with their own style of game play and rewards, just enough to make you want to hit them all. To trigger the character bonuses you must line up at least 4 main characters within the feature frame. This being Ivan Vanko, A.K.A. Whiplash, Natasha Romanoff, A.K.A. Black Widow, and Tony Stark himself. Jericho Missile and Jarvis are extra features. Also featured are symbols of suitcases, Stark 777 license plates, Agents of Shield logos, Bonus symbols and Stark Industries logos.

We’ll start with the villain feature first

Ivan Vanko, A.K.A. Whiplash. This feature starts by giving you a brief introduction to his vicious intentions with the radical whip scene from Iron Man 2. The bonus starts off with Ivan cracking his whip causing electrifying wilds that will scroll up and down and stop at random as the reels continue spinning below the feature screen. You get a minimum of 5 spins to start, but if you’re lucky, you could hit it big.

Black Widow activated! This feature starts with Natasha Romanoff, A.K.A. Black Widow, Kicking Butt and taking names. In this game you will be asked to select an hour glass. Choose from any of the for 4 hour glasses shown below the reels. Underneath are random characters from the films. Choose one and see what you get. Black Widow would most likely be a sure big win. Although, you will not come away empty handed.

Jericho Missile and Jarvis features are the most fun. Jericho Missile and the Jarvis feature are triggered by getting a full Tony Stark symbol, Bonus symbol and one of the other characters all within the feature frame. The Jericho feature starts with the iconic missile scene from the first Iron Man film. Just like the film, the missiles go off but interact with the game, dropping out of the movie scene and onto the reels below causing a massive explosion of wild symbols to blanket the game screen. Now on to Jarvis feature. This seems to have a similar game play as Black Widow. The only difference is you’re not in control of choosing an object. Instead you get a scene from the film that interacts with the bonus game. Tony is seen selecting a symbol of himself, than spins the symbol as Jarvis multiplies it. This causes the multiplied symbols to fall on the reels as they slowly spin. Pretty fun features, we must say!

Lastly, there are also free spin bonuses. The game play features you in control of Iron Man as he shoots multiple symbols, of suitcases, and Tony Stark symbols covering the spinning reels. Another additional feature to this game is targets. Each collected target adds an additional drone. The more targets collected the more drones you get, giving you better odds to win big. That’s what you want!

Wrapping it up

The Iron Man Slot is truly entertaining, and made with fantastic attention to detail. The bonuses are epic. It’s a real thrill to play. It will grab the attention of every fan gamer. WMS has done wonders in the casino gaming industry and continues to excite us with mind-blowing video slot machines. They really are super heroes in their own right.

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Slot data and features

  • 5
  • 80
    Pay lines
  • N/A
    Max cash jackpot
  • N/A
    Payout percent
  • No
    Wild symbol
  • No
  • N/A - N/A
    Betting range
  • N/A - N/A
    Coin bet range
  • N/A
    Coins per line
  • No
  • N/A
    Max coins jackpot
  • N/A
    Max coins
  • No
    Scatter symbol
  • No
    Free spins available
  • No
    Bonus game
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