Avatar Sacred Bond

Avatar Sacred Bond

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Game Review Avatar Sacred Bond
Game Review Avatar Sacred Bond
Game Review Avatar Sacred Bond
Game Review Avatar Sacred Bond
Game Review Avatar Sacred Bond
Game Review Avatar Sacred Bond

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In collaboration with James Cameron's production company Lightstorm Entertainment and Avatar film producer Jon Landau, IGT delivers another licensed slot machine that had became famous long before it officially debuted at the 2015 Global Gaming Expo. The company spent two full years developing this latest installment in the Avatar slot series, using advanced technology and solutions, some of which never before seen or utilized in the industry. As a result, we now have before us a new generation game created with a brand new Center Stage engine, 3D graphics, dual touchscreens, interactive interface and an abundance of features that are so versatile it is hard to describe them in a comprehensive, meaningful way.

Avatar Sacred Bond Slot Characteristic

Given that this is probably IGT's greatest work, we can only imagine what amazing future games it will spawn as a result of highly competitive gambling industry. Once it loads on its flashy Crystal Core cabinet, players might feel like they've just been thrown into some high-tech video game developed for PC. The slot really does follow such a pattern, with its many levels, progress tracking and saving, achievements and unlockables. These are just some of the appealing assets of ''Avatar Sacred Bond''. Sure, the story is thrilling (not for everyone though), and visual effects unrivaled, but it's the actual features that will prove a standing stone of the slot's immense popularity.

With 3 base game features, 5 individual bonuses and 3 group bonuses for multiplayer portion of the gameplay, there is hardly place to fit anything else. However, there is more content in the form of a jackpot bonus - the award is available either as a standalone progressive jackpot or a wide area progressive link in certain casinos that house the slot.

Gameplay takes place over 5 reels and 25 pay-lines in the two bottom monitors, while upper one tracks your progress, displays available options and plays video clips from the feature film, all of which is accompanied by a pleasant voice over saving you from having to read through all the complicated rules - something that many players consider quite a tiresome affair.

Present on the reels are all your favorite protagonists - Jake Sully, Neytiri and Dr. Grace Augustine among others, as well as the film's main antagonist Colonel Miles Quaritch who gets his own special video segment. Glowing with the movie's futuristic shade of blue, the reels also feature unique Pandoran flora and fauna. If you ever dreamed about riding a banshee across the blue skies of this strange planet, you will have your chance to do just that and more.

Before you make your way to Pandora, keep in mind that IGT designed this game to be played over a longer period of time and to keep players comping back for more. For all its engaging content, one must play long enough in order to unlock every feature on offer. for some truly epic wins. But lucky for gamblers, the versatile base game will keep feeding them a steady stream of smaller wins enabling longer playtime and relatively painless road to bigger and better prizes.

The most common feature available from the get go is the threefold bonus which pops up randomly during regular game. Players have three options to choose from: Na'vi Pay, Banshee Wilds and Arrow Boost, awarding credits, 3 - 8 extra Wilds or 4x-15x win multiplier for the next spin respectively. Each of these has its advantages, but more often than not players will pick additional Wilds for more winning combinations.

When three Bonus Trees appear on the reels, the following bonuses are presented on the upper screen : Take Flight, Warrior Free Games, Hometree Free Games, Seeds of the Sacred Tree and The Hunt. Out of these, the most interesting one is the Take Flight bonus where players are awarded multipliers starting from a x2 value, for managing to tame green, blue and orange banshees. You will start with the green banshee which is the easiest to tame, and then progress form there with increasing difficulty.

Group bonuses available in multiplayer are Battle for the Tree, Defend the Forest and RDA Attack.

The progressive jackpot bonus can be won in three different ways. You can choose the PowerBucks, PowerPicks or PowerWheels options to try and get the award. It is done either spelling out the word powerbucks, collapsing the wheels with lightning bolts or picking out all the lightning bolts in a correct manner and due time, Even if you fail, you will still add a certain amount of credits to your balance.

Where to play Avatar Sacred Bond Slot:

Slot data and features

  • 5
  • 25
    Pay lines
  • N/A
    Max cash jackpot
  • N/A
    Payout percent
  • Yes
    Wild symbol
  • No
  • N/A - N/A
    Betting range
  • N/A - N/A
    Coin bet range
  • N/A
    Coins per line
  • Yes
  • N/A
    Max coins jackpot
  • N/A
    Max coins
  • Yes
    Scatter symbol
  • Yes
    Free spins available
  • Yes
    Bonus game
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