Wager2Go Slots

Wager2Go Slots

Wager2Go is a Canadian producer that has been operating since 2011. Though that is just a handful of years it makes the company somewhat of a veteran in the trade. Despite this, they have only released a few dozen slots.

This is mostly because they have decided to concentrate on quality over quantity. The only negative aspect about the casinos is, at least for the moment, that the games are not that widely available.We would assume that as the catalogue of excellent slots grows so does the number of casinos and player who embrace them. Take a look below at what to expect from the games from this company.

What to expect from Wager2Go slot themes and style

Besides the commitment to quality slots, the company offers quite a diverse set of themes for their slots. True, some of the games follow the common themes such as Zeus throwing lightning bolts, Cleopatra looking nice, or timeless classics like Tarzan or Snow White. To diversify a bit the company also stirs in a lot of unique ideas like rock climbing, war pigs, superheroes, or a bit of Asian history.

The styles change a lot from game to game, but all in all tends to steer towards cartoonish. Some of the slots come with 3D graphics but for the most part the slots are all about graphics that fit the theme without too much added bravado.

Music and sound effects…

…are the weak point of the slots, though when compared to the competition they rank as average, and do in no way detract from the gaming experience. When it comes to table games the style that Wager2Go uses might give an added reason to take a look at the games.

Special features, reels and ways to win

The games pretty much come with the standard five reels, with three symbol positions each. In fact, there is almost no variation to this theme at all, and the same applies to the forty paylines that the company uses on all of their slots. This is a bit of a weakness, as it means that the minimum bets are pretty much about 0.40 coins per spin regardless of slot.

Luckily, big bets tend to come with big wins, and this is no different in the case of Wager2Go slots.

Scatters tend to bring in a lot of wins:

Usually rivalling the top prizes from traditional symbol combinations. Free spins play a big role and are responsible for most of the specials in slots from this company. Wilds do as wilds do, with the addition that they might also work as multipliers during the aforementioned free spins. For the most part, all special features are a mix of these. There is not too much variety, which is great for those who are looking for a well/rounded slot with not too many surprises.

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