Top Trend Gaming Slots

Top Trend Gaming Slots

Top Trend Gaming is an Asian games producer with a presence at most of the major casinos in the area. Lately, they have made a major move towards European markets. Unlike most other producers from Asia, with TTG the games are not specifically themed for the local audience. This, without a doubt, is a major selling point that many Western online casinos have also noticed.


The themes and setup of the games borrow from culture, history and popular trends. Comics blend in with symbols of luck or sagas of Chinese history. There is certainly something for everyone here. To add, the games also feature plenty of different reel setups. You might have one payline, twenty paylines, or even over a thousand paylines. Depends on the game and what you yourself as a player prefer.

Getting ahead of the trend

The company is dead set on either beating trends or setting them. This is mighty fine for marketing speech, but how does it fare in reality? Well, as you expect, these modern slots are all playable and optimised for mobile phones and tablets.

This means the use of HTML5, which in turn guarantees that the game also works wonders in desktops, and in fact anything that can run a modern web browser. The look and feel is certainly right on par with other popular producers.

More importantly...

...the company has realised that to build great slots today means to produce great graphics, an enticing world of sounds and music, and unique and innovative algorithms. The latter means that the company doesn’t simply copy the RTP, reel setups or volatility settings from previous games.

Each game has these uniquely set to match the theme and the game. This is to both ensure the games are profitable for casinos and playable and enjoyable for players. A welcome approach, even if not ahead of the trend.

The Downside

As of the moment of writing, this article not all games were yet available outside of Asian casino. But given that the company prides in fast publish schedule this should not remain a problem for long. Releasing several slots a month the company is one of the most productive in the field.

Though to be exact...

...this includes both their own and certain 3rd party titles. Like most other big production companies, Top Trend Gaming too has caught on the trend of using smaller independent software developers to help them build a better and wider portfolio. You can be certain that the games will be available here for free as soon as they are released!

Try the games for yourself and find out your new favourite slots producers. Just choose a game from below and get on gaming!