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STHLM Gaming

As the name implies this company originates from Stockholm, Sweden. Sthlm Gaming started operations in 2016 and came out with a succession of games. The production of new slots is picking up speed, and there are several new releases in the pipelines with this company. The slots offer a quality gambling experience via beautiful graphics, animated backgrounds and engaging gameplay.

For the time, the studio is a small one but well connected. This gives it a distinct advantage in bringing about a new set of modern slots. So far their published games are very well polished and offer a gaming experience that is above average no matter the game.

STHLM Gaming

Animated, bright and colourful slots

The background animations run smoothly no matter the device. Tablets, mobile phones, and desktops alike work just the same. This is not your standard HTML5 compatibility. Instead, Sthlm Gaming has opted for their own Smart Engine which scales the slots perfectly for each individual device. How exactly this is done seems to be a business secret.

Generally, the colour palette is bright and warm. The overall art changes from game to game and veers towards artistic(one of their games is about Van Gogh) and modern. Video and mobile games have certainly had their influence on the design. The graphics stand out from most of the competing firms.

A good mix of special features

Slots form this company tend to have a mix of special features. Bonus spins, for example, might come with an extra row of symbols. Reel randomizers come with everything from wilds to multipliers and boosters. Games tend to have two two three features. They aren’t introducing anything new in this front. What you get get is the most popular special features perfected.

A good mix of special features

Different payline systems and pay setups

The RTPs tend to be quite good, usually standing well above average. The company uses both normal paylines in different numbers, or the connecting symbol wins. No doubt they will increase upon these as they come out with more and more slots. Wins reach into the thousands and bet levels offer the usual from pennies to hundreds of coins. There are no jackpots as of yet. In general, the level of prizes is quite decent.

Looks clean and feels neat

Everything unnecessary has been cleaned off the screen. The bet is easy to set, you can activate faster spins or mute the sounds with single clicks or touches. All the information presented is clear, and you can dig deeper into the details via the help button. The interface is quite an important part of any game and something that not all companies get right. Sthlm Gaming does get it right. Impressively, this holds true no matter what device you are using to play the game.

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