Skillzzgaming Slots

Skillzzgaming Slots

The company has been in business since 2015, and in that time they have managed to gather up a nice portfolio of games. More impressively, they have managed to license and test their games in half a dozen different jurisdictions.

Skillzz Gaming is located in Israel and it operates in the worldwide markets. Mostly the company is concentrated in Europe, though this is changing as more and more regions open up to the possibilities of online gambling. Their slot games are breaking new ground with several interactive features, which is probably why they have gained ground so fast. Read the details below or try out the games straight away in one of our suggested casinos.

The thrill of casual gaming combined with real money action

Casual gaming means combining lessons learned from mobile gaming and social games into slots. This means more interactive features, easy play with or without real money, plenty of special features, and a ton of designing to make sure that each game looks and feels special.

Real money is of course where the real action is. In this regard, the company has made sure that the wins are something to covet while making sure that the spins are not so expensive as to bankrupt you. The games are widely available, at least when it comes to popular casinos.

Choose your path and enjoy the special features

When it comes to special features they’ve got them all. This is not such a big selling point, as the same applies to most other game producers as well. Of course, these change from game to game. Bonus games , jackpots , wilds, and other features that might change as the game goes on.

The most interesting part are the different chapters and stories that are hidden in the games. You can only access these by playing. This is all about reaching goals and enjoying the rewards that come with them. This is also the downside of the game, as you better be sure that you want to play the game for more than a dozen spins if you are to enjoy all the rewards.

Luckily, everything is available in demo mode and without the use of real money. Just try the different games and pick the one that you like the most!

Skill might just matter in these slots

Slots have been heading towards a more interactive experience for a bit now, with more or less success. Still, it is quite impossible to find a slot where skill would play any role at all. The amply named Skillzz Gaming is aiming to change this.

They seek to do this by enabling content and achievements in games. These two are quite common features in top online casinos today, and even in some games. What it essentially means, is that as you play you get to make choices that affect the outcome of the slots. How, when and why depends entirely on the game.


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