RubyPlay Slots

Ruby Play is a new gambling company from Ukraine. They have their headquarters in Kiev, from where they have quickly created connections throughout the European gambling scene. No doubt their games will spread further and far as they continue to attract players with their unique games.

The company has been in operation for only a while, yet they boast several decades of gaming experience with gambling games. For now, they are solely concentrating on building new slots.

Asian themes….

The vast majority of the games seem to have an Asian theme, which is a bit of a surprise when it comes to European gaming companies. Not that these games are exclusively Asian in style, just that the themes have clearly received some inspiration from there. The games do offer a lot of other reasons to play as well, one of which is the humour that is often clear from the slot name itself. For example Sheerluck, a game about two detectives in London.

Unfortunately, at the time of writing most of the slots were just being pushed out. We will update this article as more and more games reach daylight.

High-quality Graphics and Mobile Compatibility

Two additional selling points to Ruby Play slots are the graphics and the technology behind the games. The artwork and animations are a given these days, games just need to look good. That doesn’t necessarily mean 3D animations, just a style and product that is well executed. This is usually the case with Ruby Play games.

Their backend allows the games to be directly implemented into any online casino. Together with the HTML5 technology used this makes the slots playable almost anywhere on almost any device. Ruby Play has also done work to guarantee that the quality of the slots is impeccable, everything loads fast, the games always come with high frame-rate, and last but not least: low battery usage. This all makes the games ideal for playing on mobile devices in mobile casinos, be that tables or smartphones.

 Ground-breaking innovation and player retention

Besides offering something for the eyes, obviously, the company needs to produce slots that offer wins, features, and excitement. This is what they aim and boast to do, but is it what they have or will achieve? It’s too early to say, but we do like what we see so far. It might take a few years but this company has all the skills and tools necessary to break into the major leagues. Try their slots here for free and decide for yourself.

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