Rakki Slots

Rakki Slots

Rakki software hails from Curacao, one of the lesser-known iGaming jurisdictions of the world. There are not too many companies that have originated from here, even though quite a few online casinos have. The company is quite fresh and has started somewhat slow. Luckily, this means that the quality of their games so far is excellent and hopefully will stay so in the future.

A variety of themes and features

At the time of writing this article, there are too few games out from this producer to say anything too conclusive. However, what is already out and playable in online casinos does look quite promising. The graphical style is excellent, the games work on all devices, and there are usually a few features besides simply aiming for line wins to keep the slots exciting.

When it comes to special features there is nothing out of the ordinary in stock. Bonus games, wilds, wild multipliers, increased payways and other features present here are quite common these days. What matters is that in Rakki slots the features add quite a lot of excitement on top of the basic game.

Software that works on all devices

The games take advantage of the latest mobile trends but also works just as well on desktop devices. More importantly, the company has extended this support for multiple platforms into currencies. Most importantly, they have added support for crypto-currencies. For future, this might well prove to be one of their most important selling points. On top of the high-quality products of course.

A bit of that old time look and feel

The graphical style, which we deem excellent, seems to effortlessly combine both the old and the new look of slot games. Classic nostalgia melds into futuristic mobile style. This is what retro-style is all about, and for once it has been done the right way. It remains to be seen how this will work out with their future games.

Provably fair and how it works

Besides having their games tested by a third party company, in this case iTech Labs, Rakki has implemented a method for players to check each played round by themselves. This is called the Provably Fair feature and it is present in all of their slots.

So how does all this work? When you start playing the game requests a value from the server. The server then generates two numbers, runs through some procedures and sends you a value. The player then either decides to keep this value(automatic) or enters a value of his or her own. The calculations that the game uses to run use this value to determine the outcomes(no, that doesn’t mean you can cheat) which means that the player can use it to check each round to make sure the process is completely random. The full formula is available at Rakki homepage .

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