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Platipus Gaming

Not to be confused with platypus, which is a strange Australian creature, whereas Platipus Gaming is a UK based gaming company with a clear aim of what they want to do in the online gaming markets. The company has been in operation since 2010 and has been concentrating on HTML5 and mobile gaming since then. They produce both slots and table games.

 Besides games, the company also offers customer support and software for casinos. The software part means that their games are always up to date with the latest interface updates.

Historical and somewhat random themes 

Historical and somewhat random themes

Roughly half of the games seem to be made with historical themes, while the rest offer random themes from cute animals to classic gaming. The historical themes cover plenty of Asian mythology, with a few titles that concentrate on ancient as well as modern times. Egypt, as always, has a rich enough history to have inspired several games.

There are a few gems that draw inspiration from popular stories, like the slot about Cinderella, or the one about our favourite crocodile hunter (at least inspired by). All in all, there’s more than enough variety to offer something for everyone.

The RTPs could be a bit higher

Several of the titles, such as the Cinderella mentioned above, comes with a sub-par return to player percentages. Though in general, a per cent here or there doesn’t affect things too much, going two or three per cent below the standard of 96% is simply too much. Luckily, most of their latest slots have managed to push up this figure.

Bonus games and respins are the way to go

Bonus games and respins are the way to go

The two most common features are as the title says. Almost all Platipus slots trust in bonus rounds or respins, usually even combining the two. Not only are the features present in most games, but it’s also usually what the remaining specials are built around. For example, bonus rounds with multipliers, re-triggering bonus rounds, or extra scatters and wilds.

 Besides these the one main feature that comes up time and time again are jackpots. This is not a big surprise given that this is what we all dream about when we play slots or gambling games in general.

Global reach with a focus on Asia

 As they say over at Platipus: “Asia is the fastest growing market”. This is why the company is heavily concentrated on the region, as can be witnessed from many of the themes in their slots. In fact, most of the Asian gaming companies have touched many of the same themes. This is a welcome change to most European gaming companies that only seem to cater to the local markets. Is it enough to make the company stand out? You be the judge of that.



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