OneTouch Slots

OneTouch Slots

OneTouch has been in operations since 2015, with its headquarters located in the Isle of Man. The company formed with a very strong vision in mind, which is why it is is no surprise that they have quickly built up a strong reputation. The fact that they concentrate so heavily on mobile games means that their field of expertise is a bit narrow. On the other hand, they certainly seem to hold a lot more sway in that narrow field than any other company.

OneTouch Fully Responsive Mobile Gaming

Fully responsive mobile gaming

First and foremost, the company seeks to break the usual balance that gaming companies hold between their mobile and desktop product. Sure enough, the games do work on desktop computers or laptops, but they are aimed at smartphones and tablets. HTML5, as you would expect, is the standard used for the games.

The crux of mobile gaming is in the interface. This is something that OneTouch seeks to perfect. Part of that, as the company name suggests, is making sure that the single hand ergonomics are spot on. The final touch is added by perfecting the graphical look and feel of each game, to make sure that you have that real casino feeling on every round.

Excelling in mobile table games…

As over one hundred million test rounds have shown, OneTouch baccarat can offer an RTP of 98.94% when playing the banker bet. Other bets offer less of a return, but then again come with better odds when you win. It’s not only the look and feel of the games or the graphics and interface that draw players into OneTouch table games. It’s the whole package that has been perfect with mobile markets in mind.

Besides baccarat, you can find blackjack, roulette, Russian poker (not to be confused with Russian roulette), Hold’em Poker, and Sic Bo. Heavy on card games, which is a nice chance to other gaming companies offering a dozen versions of roulette. If you are into mobile and table games this company is a must know for you.

Check out OneTouch company products

Check out OneTouch company homepage if you are interested in the specifics of their games, testing, fairness, and design philosophy.

...and then concentrating on video slots

Now that the company has had a few years to perfect their table game designs they are free to do the same with slots. At the time of writing only a select few slots from OneTouch has been released, and they seem to be going with the same proven format.

As in table games and slots too, you can expect a decent RTP. The games come with some variance in pay lines and systems, with some usual bonus features, and with the same excellent mobile playability. The slots also come with tools to help with transparency and fairness.


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