NoLimitCity Slots

NoLimitCity Slots

NoLimit City has been producing slots since 2013 with plenty of experience to show for it. The company recently opened new offices in India, so it’s pretty clear that they are expanding across the globe, and are by no means a small developer. Their games come in all shapes, sizes, and forms.

The games are widely available...

...though not yet in all of the online casinos. Mostly the company produces slots, but they do have a couple of experimental games that stand out from the mass, such as a game that combines poker and lottery. If you haven’t yet tried the games you should.

The company, like pretty much every other online slot producer at this point, concentrates heavily on mobile gaming.

However, most of their effort still goes into simply creating superb games that deliver fun slots to play. Recently the company has picked up a lot of speed, signing up deals and showing up in new casinos. You can read more about the company’s background and philosophy here.

Common themes and inspiration

Food and drink certainly seem to play a role in inspiration, as is evident from slots such as Oktoberfest and BBQ Frenzy. Otherwise, you will find quite a diverse set of themes from carnivals to casinos, with plenty of influence from classics and some innovation worthy of modern slots.

Most of the slots come with your standard five reels, though there are some exceptions with a few less or a few more reels. Betting is usually quite easy, with the player simply setting the total bet per spin before pressing play. A few gems break this standard completely.

Graphics and animations are of pretty high quality, even if the style is quite often more cartoonish than not. When the company wants they can come up with quite modern and amazing stuff. Music and sound effects likewise seem to have received a lot of love from the staff.

Special features and ways to win big prizes

Free spins are quite a common feature, and not only in NoLimit City slots. With this producer, they do tend to come with a bit of a spin, even if they play out like normal bonus spins for the most part. The least you can expect is a bit of extra in the form of animations and effects. Wilds and scatters work pretty much as you’d expect, at least in most slots.

Re-spins also play a role, and a few of the games come with a jackpot or two. Bonus games are available as well, though clearly, these are the weakest point when it comes to special features. Still, there are a few games that come with instant bonus wins or other features that add some excitement and actions in the game.

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