NetGaming Slots

NetGaming Slots

NetGaming was formed on a core of iGaming professionals, from finances to game designing. This shows up in the way the company entered the markets, immediately applying for several licenses and gaining them. Soon after they released their first batch of slots and table games.

The company is relatively new, having been established in 2018. Compared to most other companies their release schedule has been packed full from the get-go. Fast production of quality titles shows that the company has a lot of potential. As the company is relatively fresh it remains to be seen how this potential will be realized in full.


You know it’s all about the players

Not that I have run into any companies that wouldn’t be interested in players, that is where the money comes from after all. So, what does a player-first approach mean when it comes to NetGaming? What are their main goals when producing video slots? How are they going to do what they aim to do?

...the company seeks to build games that are entertaining. They do this by knowing their target audience, and by concentrating on ease of use. This means that the games run on most devices and are as interactive as possible. Graphics and player experience have received a lot of attention as well.

NetGaming Games

New ideas or old and proven themes?

Though they were quick to release games it seems that this game at a bit of a cost. It looks like the company is not entirely sure of what direction they are taking. This is not necessarily a bad thing, as sometimes it simply takes time to perfect your product and take the direction you need to take. Within the next few years, we are sure to see the company solidify their style.

In this case, the themes are nothing new. Egyptian riches? Done a thousand times. Leprechauns? That too has been done before, quite a few times. So the themes themselves seem quite common. What NetGaming is adding is quality and features. The graphics have been perfected, the music is excellent and the special features are engaging and often interactive. They show that it is possible to innovate even with these true and tested themes.

Exploring the future of slots gaming

Besides their slots, the company has released their versions of the popular table games: blackjack, baccarat, and roulette. They are aiming to release further titles, and with that, they are also looking to explore completely new horizons. No doubt the release of traditional games will continue just the same.

The company already offers the possibility of using cryptocurrencies, though that is completely up to the casino in question. Recently NetGaming has also been exploring the possibilities of virtual reality and augmented reality experiences for casino gaming. It might take a bit of time until such products come out though. Until then, you can easily enjoy whatever slots this company pushes out.


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