Green Jade Games Slots

Green Jade Games Slots

Green Jade Games

This gaming company is a brand new venture brought to you by the same corporation that operates the famous Mr Green online casino. The company began operations in 2017 and released their first title in 2018. They promise to deliver further games at a fast pace, starting with slots themed around adventure. Expect interactive features that bring whole new levels of gaming into slots.

A new era for slots

The company’s first slot, Hammer of Fortune, promises to open up a new era in the field of online gaming. They boast to remake slots by adding a whole new level of interactive features. A noble goal, given that this is just what the games are missing. The inspiration seems to come from traditional mobile gaming. Some of these features have seeped into online slots before as other efforts to make slots more entertaining or attractive.

A collection of influences and resources

What the company will be able to do in the future is still in the mists of time. However, we do know that the company behind Mr Green has several other brands, and also dabbles in mobile apps and esports, amongst other things. Drawing from that talent for ideas, and outside companies for actual production is how Green Jade Games slots are made.

Interactive features and adventuring

What we can tell, for now, is that the basic qualities of slots are there. Paylines, reels, bets, wins, and special features. At the moment the games are exclusive content for Mr Green, as you would expect. The speciality in this game is the ability to use the titular hammer to change symbols. This is a rather unique special feature, as you can use it at any time. The result is still entirely random, but it does add an element of strategy that does not exist in any other slot at the moment.

The adventure comes in the form of a story that unfolds as the players advance in the game. This theme is to continue in future releases, and we’ll see if there will be continuation to the journey taken here. This does raise some questions as to where the slots are heading in the future, and if gamification and interactivity are needed or accepted features in these games.

No classics to be found here

If you are into classic slots then this is the last place to look. Head out over to companies such as Novomatic or RTG for that. If you are feeling the opposite then Green Jade Games is something to keep an eye on. With thousands of slots in the market games that differ from the masses will certainly draw an audience. As long as the wins are there of course.

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