Golden Hero Slots

Golden Hero Slots

Golden Hero software has released a handful of games with more are on the way. What we can tell from their early slots is that they are mainly aimed at the mobile market.

Though the products will, of course, work like a dream on any modern browser this optimization does mean that the look and feel are designed for handheld devices, such as mobile phones.

If you take a look at games like Jewel Race it is quite clear that it is aimed for players who want fast action with plenty of random features.

The games can be found in a handful of online casinos at the moment. This number is steadily increasing as the company increases the size of its partner network.

The software developer...

... is part of the larger JPJ Group, known from bingo games as well as their JackptJoy site, which means that expansion is pretty much guaranteed; at least as long as the games keep providing the high quality that players are getting used to.

Notable features

The few slots that are available, at the moment, all have a similar feel but different executions. True to their vision, the games are certainly easy to play. Whether it is a simple three reel slot, or one using cascading symbols and win multipliers the way to play them is still easy enough: just press spin.

Of course, this is the same with all the slots out there, what really makes these games different is the fact that all unnecessary glitter and dust has been cleaned away from the main view. Pretty much just the spin button is available.

Naturally, you can still change plenty of options. Autoplay, mute, what bet you are playing on, whether the buttons are for left-handed or right-handed people, and much more. In fact, the availability and placing of these settings is something a lot of the other game makers would do well to learn from.

The slots themselves then, are they worth playing?

That is up to your personal preference. We haven’t yet seen anything earth-shattering coming out of the company. The quality is steady and the slots playable though, you can easily try them at our site for free to make up your own mind.

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