Gamshy Slots

Gamshy Slots

Gamshy is based in Italy, whilst also holding offices in Spain. They have been in operation since 2016. During this time they have built an impressive list of high-quality slots. More importantly, they have managed to build a brand and company that is clearly at the forefront of building 3D slots. There seem to be ample amounts of quality both in graphics and gameplay features when it comes to these games.


Take a look below at the details and find out what to expect in Gamshy slot games.

A quick look at Gamshy slots

When it comes to themes there is plenty of variety. Hell, sushi, westerns, sweet tooths and toons cops to start with. Each game has its own distinctive theme that is well executed and stays entertaining throughout each play session.

The return to player is so far always above 96%, which is always a good sign. Besides this, the only common feature seems to be the five times three reel setup. The games use the HTML5 standard, which means that they run just as well on desktops as they do on mobile devices. Volatility depends on the specific slot and can be anything between low and high.

Big on animations and graphics...

After playing a few of the games you will quickly notice that animations and graphics, specifically 3D ones, are the main calling card from this company. The quality starts from the general graphics, such as the symbols that you find on the reels. You will not find any recycled graphics here, even if some of the symbols are a throwback to the first slots.

Gamshy Slots

Animations are usually added as a bit of extra fun. This is both for the regular gameplay and the special features. The goal seems to be to simply add a lot of activity on the screen, even if it is not all interactive. There are also plenty of background animations. All in all, this makes the games quite entertaining and keeps them so even after the first few dozen of spins.

...and full of features

It’s not only the eye-candy and individual themes that the games offer. Your usual Gamshy slot comes with two or more bonus features per game. There is nothing revolutionary as such here, but then there rarely is when it comes to special features. Bonus spins, instant wins, wilds, scatters, bonus symbols, and bonus games is what you will usually find.

Alternative gaming - what does it mean?

The company seeks to bring out alternative ways to play slots games. What this means in effect is banking on the ideas of innovation and creativity. These two philosophies are then used to create a perfect design that banks on playability. With thousands of slots available for play and quite a few of them simple copies of each other, this is certainly a welcome philosophy. Of course, how this all plays out in real life is a different thing. Try the games for free yourself and check out if Gamshy slot can offer something that no other company can.

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