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Gamomat Slots

Gamomat Slots

With hundreds of slots to choose from it is clear that Gamomat is no beginner. Present in both landbased and online casinos the company has plenty of experience in building slots. Though originally the products were mostly based on the golden slots that ruled the regular casinos, these days Gamomat, like all other developers, are producing dedicated games for the online and mobile markets. The games are available throughout the world, even if the main market area is in Europe.



The company has been in operation since 2008 and some of the games have already been retired. This is no problem as the company keeps pushing out new titles to the evolving markets, with more than a hundred always available for casinos and player in need.

Gamomat Flow

If you want to jump straight in and play only the latest slot then you should select from Gamomats Flow series. Developed with mobile devices in mind, such as Android or iOS mobile phones, these games offer the best when it comes to compatibility and usability. The games offer updated music and sounds, added graphics and animations, but still stick to the core game mechanics that the company has made their bread and butter with.

Still a Bit of That Old Touch

Once you open up a slot from this company you are sure to get that retro feeling of old graphics. Even if the quality is updated from the days of landbased casinos the look is pretty much still the same. The same applies to gameplay mechanics.

Gamomat software

It would be quite a feat to find a slot that breaks the conventions:

Five reels, a number of paylines, and the usual win mechanics and special features are always in play. There’s something to be said about lack of innovation, but on the other hand, why re-invent the wheel? The audience that likes these old style type slots will certainly feel at home with Gamomat games.

Gameplay speaks for itself

Though the graphics, animations and sounds are not to everyone's liking they do work as intended for the vast majority of players. What matters more than this in Gamomat slots is the gameplay. Most of the slots follow the classic rules and come with pretty decent RTPs. When firing up a slot from this producer you always pretty much know what to expect. The games work wonders with those players who prefer low-medium volatility games.

Of course...

...if you are looking for high volatility and high wins there are plenty of options for that too. The company excels with normal jackpots(as opposed to progressive jackpots), and many of the games sporting these offer quite sizeable prizes for the lucky ones. Take a look at the list of games below and choose for yourself.