Fortune Factory Studios Slots

Fortune Factory Studios Slots

Fortune Factory Studios came about, most likely, thanks to the Microgaming decision to outsource their slot production to third-party studios. The company produces exclusive content for Microgaming. This doesn’t seem to have any actual effect on the on slot quality, as they have completely free hands what kind of slots they produce as long as they are of high quality.

Fortune Factory

Looking at the few games out at the moment, we can tell that the quality is there. Check out the available slots here and play them for free.

Variety of themes

With just a handful of slots, it’s a bit hard to talk about variety. However, at least the few games that are out are not the repetition of the same. Historical themes combine royalty of Imperial Russia as much as shootouts of Westerns.

To this, we can add some happy penguins and some Christmas fun. Diamonds, guns, cash, cold ice, candy, and sweet wins.

What more is needed?

Variance and return to player

The return to the player in published titles is pretty much around the standard 96%. This is what the industry has settled for during the last few years, which means that the games are at least not trying to cheat you out of a few extra pennies. Variance seems to vary by title, but mostly leaning towards medium. This, in turn, means that the games are good for those players who do not enjoy long dry runs.

Special features and basic gameplay

The games rely on the standard five times three reel setup. Coupled with these come the use of paylines, which vary in quantity but do not reach either extreme.

When it comes to symbols the work done on the theme shows, as you won’t find the common classics of melons, cherries, or playing card ranks filling the reels.

Fortune Factory games

The betting level is on par with the paylines, giving options for both low and high bets.

The special features...

...have the usual free spins and re-spins, but also mixes these together for added variety. Wilds and scatters come in all colors and forms, and also add in some mixed pays. Instant wins, prize wheels, and mystery pays show up quite often as well. All in all the games offer quite a nice mix of features.

All in all Fortune Factory games are something to look for, especially once Microgaming starts rolling them out to all applicable casinos.