Fantasma Games Slots

Fantasma Games Slots

Sweden is a hotbed for casino and game developers and home to many of the most prestigious companies of the industry. Fantasma Games seeks to join that cast, and might already have done so. They started operations in 2017 and quickly built up a network of trusted operators to distribute their games.

The company is dead set in building slots that offer a bit more than just basic gambling functions. Their games are primarily aimed at mobile devices, but thanks to the conveniences of modern technology work just as well on desktops.

One thing worthy of note...

...the company has only a handful of slots out, yet they are already present in most gaming platforms and big casinos. Perhaps, for the first time, they are actually correct when they say that their staff is full of industry experts.

High RTP and variance

The two things that immediately stand out when browsing Fantasma Games slots are the variance and RTP. The return to player on each slot is over the magical 96% mark, and in many of the games, the figure climbs even higher than this.

This is combined with high variance, which in turn means that most of the games offer big wins at the expense of landing winning combinations less frequently. Some of the games offer medium to high volatility. For most people, this is a very welcome setup, though for some it might make the games a bit less enticing.

Keeping the games entertaining

The company aims to make slots more entertaining, though it is not immediately clear what this means. Reading further on the company, the aim seems to be to combine mobile gaming with slots to add a bit of variety in the games.

We think this means more interactive features, better playability, and general improvements to the world of sounds and graphics. Certainly, the themes are different enough to make the games stand out amongst the competition. How this will play out in the future is still an open question. For now, we like what we see.

A mix of fresh themes

It is, of course, a bit different to push out your hundredth slot than your tenth slot when it comes to coming up with new themes. So far the games that are out from this company do not suffer from any kind of repetition. Eastern and Western themes are mixed with animations or neon themes with futuristic landscapes for that matter.

Each game seems to have a well planned and executed theme that require no improvements. Most importantly, the company is not aiming to just recycle the same old themes that most other slot makers seem to be stuck with.

Special features keep the game interesting

When it comes to bonus features there is nothing new in store. Bonus spins, multipliers, wilds, avalanches, re-spins, or different pay way systems are something we are all used to with any other slot producer. Luckily, here the company has chosen to go the road of variety.

Each game offers a different mix of features, neither going overboard with them nor stuffing the slots with so many features that they become obsolete.

Check out the games below and try them in demo mode, perhaps you will find out your new favourite slot.

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