Cubeia Slots

Cubeia Slots

Cubeia is a Swedish mobile game developer, who has so far mostly concentrated on their poker software. They also offer back-end software for online casinos, and in fact, seem to be quite proficient in everything related to software and mobile technology. Compared to most other software developers they have an extremely open attitude and plenty of information available at their homepage.

Cubeia Mobile and Software Develpoer

The company has come up with some surprising themes. These aim to combine influences from video gaming with online gambling, or in this case online slots. Some of the titles play out the traditional way, with the theme simply being aimed at certain demographics. Other games try to break the mold completely in order to create a whole new field of online slots.

Arcade games…

Cubeia Arcade games

When the company says the games are designed to resonate with a younger audience, they obviously do not mean underage players. The arcade and retro-style games are aimed at the generation that grew up playing console and video games and is now in their twenties and thirties. There are more than a few companies that have tried and failed, to reach the same audience.

Cubeia’s new line of games do away with paylines, reels, and set symbols. Instead, they offer a more interactive experience. For example, you can set a bet and shoot up asteroids or run through obstacle courses. Be sure to check out the game in demo mode before going in with real money, as this can be confusing gameplay experience at first...but quite an intriguing thing if are into it.

...and first-person shooters

Games like Spec Ops  have clearly received a lot of inspiration from first-person shooters. The theme is clear, the bonus games reinforce it, and still, the game manages to play out like any other regular slot. Esports is becoming a billion dollar business and clearly, the folks at Cubeia are well aware of this. It is only natural that content like this starts coming out.

What is a bit surprising is that this company is the first to exploit the connection. They are prepared to go even further, dropping the functions of a traditional slot entirely and instead building games that offer functionalities of video games in a casino environment.

Cubeia Spec Ops

Take a look at the details of iGaming development

If you are interested in knowing what happens behind the scenes you should head out to Cubeia homepage, and specifically their news section. They have a very open attitude to sharing their development process, as well as anything else that goes on when companies make and publish games. With years of experience producing open-source solutions for the industry, the company is surprisingly deep into the game.

One of the rare companies that actually can prove that they have years of experience and extremely talented staff.


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