Bgaming is a continuation of an earlier brand called SoftSwiss, that began its trek sometime in 2012. The company is part of the group of game and software developers that entered the markets just as online casino gaming begun to pick up steam. As the game and games have changed since then the rebranding is not exactly a bad idea.


Add to this the fact:

The company is now seeking out to present a whole new set of games that are looking to change the industry and what you have is an interesting company that players should check out.

Provably Fair and Cryptocurrencies

Before Bgaming became established they already stepped into bitcoin in 2013. Though this also requires cooperation from casinos it is still quite clear that they are one of the few game producers leading the charge in this area. It might well be that this is something that will revolutionise the industry in the future.

This combined with the fact that the company has come up with a tool for players to validate their played rounds means that BGaming is looking into the future in ways that most slot producers aren’t.

The provably fair means:

The players do not simply need to blindly trust in third parties for validation anymore. However, all this only serves to prove that the company is modern, but what does it mean for the games themselves? Well, the games speak for themselves, just read below or simply jump in and try the slots right away for free.

Bgaming games

Slots and Table Games for all Audiences

The company builds slots and table games for online casinos, and as can be read from above is always ready to innovate. How does this show up in the slots then? Well, there’s a wide variety of themes ranging from holidays to pyramids, and from Aztecs to the old west. It’s not really anything that we haven’t seen before, but with thousands of games out there, it’s pretty much impossible to have a theme someone hasn’t touched before.

The styles of the slots are something between a traditional classic slots and a fresh game aimed at mobile markets. These tend to marry convenience with style in a way that should satisfy most players. This can be seen in the graphics as well, as for most parts, the symbols are either those nines, tens, jacks, queens, and kinds that the very first slots sported, or perfectly styled symbols that fit the theme in question.

Music and sound effects follow the same formula. Sometimes you’re gonna end up with classic clinks-and-clanks with little else to fill your ears and sometimes you are surprised with a whole fresh soundtrack that you couldn’t even expect.

The RTPs and game features follow the same formula. They make sure that players get the best return possible and at the same time make sure that there are no big surprises for those who simply want to jump in and start playing. Of course, if you are looking for games that break the mold you can find that too. Just take a look at the slots below and start gaming!