AvatarUX Slots

AvatarUX Slots

AvatarUX is part of the new wave of gaming companies. This Hong Kong-based company is fresh out of the oven, and ready to roll. However, as the field is a bit full of competition these days, as opposed to twenty years ago when the big companies started, it’s not exactly easy to make it to the big fields.


It is no surprise then that the company has partnered up with Yggdrasil in order to provide their games for larger player base. This sort of arrangement has become popular lately, for example, Microgaming is doing much the same. What Yggdrasil provides is their network of partners, their publishing platforms, and their unique promotional tools. What AvatarUX provides in return are high-quality slots.

Graphics an animations look great…

So far the company has not published a ton of game. Worry not though, as soon as they do we will have this article updated. For now, we will have to do with a sampling of demos and slots. What we can tell from them is that the company really excels when it comes to graphics. Not only is the style perfect, but they have not taken any shortcuts with the animations either. And there’s plenty of them.

...and so do the gameplay features

The slots need to have everything in order, otherwise, the graphics, sounds, and animations count for nothing. Games from this company seem to be pretty standard. The basic gameplay features are all easily understood if you have ever played slots again. What makes the game stand out are the interactive features. These add a whole new level of wins to the games, but also make sure that your gaming experience is not simply just about pressing the spin wheel.

What will the players think about this? We don’t know yet, but we are guessing for plenty of positive reviews as soon as the games enter the markets with full force.

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