Amatic Industries Slots

Amatic Industries Slots

Amatic IndustriesAmatic Industries is a company with decades of experience in the international casino markets. Founded in 1993 the company begun operations in Austria, and quickly spread through the German markets. From there on they switched from domestic production to global markets, and today more than 90% of their products sail overseas or to other markets. Their most recent addition is their line of online slots. Do notice though that the company is still mainly aiming at the traditional gambling market.

To design, manufacture and distribute quality slots

Amatic quality slotsOnline slots and land-based slots are two different beasts, for many reasons. Nowadays the trend of specialised independent game designers is becoming clearer and clearer, but that doesn’t mean that there still isn’t room for giants like Amatic Industries that excel in all fields equally.

The company has decades of experience from the mechanical, electrical, mathematical, and of course aesthetic sides of slot design. This all combines into a deep pool of knowledge from where to innovate new games for the online and offline casino markets. Their strong hold of the European markets leaves them with plenty of chances to try and take their piece of the online markets as well.

The importance of casino management

Importance of casino managmentCasino management tools are something that the player never sees, but which are perhaps more important for a good gaming experience than the slot itself. Amatic, thanks to their experience, know this. Their entire system is centred around connectivity, fast money transfers, and making sure the games run on any device. This holds true for brick-and-mortar casinos just as it does for online transactions.

Most importantly though, their tools allow them to connect their existing products into the wider online markets. This doesn’t mean that they are just recycling old titles, as there are plenty of new slots in the pipelines.

Good old quality and new and innovative slots

Good old quality and new innovative slotsIf you have the resources and experience to excel in both fields, why wouldn’t you? Most of the online slots, for now, rely on the tested and proven land-based ports(such as the Arising Phoenix). These have received a bit of a facelift, and not just for graphics. Still, at best the feeling is a bit retro when playing these games.

Their new line of slots is slowly starting to take advantage of modern technologies. For example, HTML5 is used in all games to make sure they are compatible with all modern browsers. The graphics are being brought up to standard as well. The basics of mathematics have been taken from the old slots, which guarantees plenty of variation, whereas new special features mainly present in the online world have been implemented on a slot by slot basis.

The company is poised to do great things in the online market, but before that, they need to pick up a bit of speed. Jump in and enjoy the full ride by trying one of their games straight away!


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