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Intending to act on gaming legislation in 2005, the UK government confirmed Gibraltar as being part of the European Economic Area (EEA). The government in Gibraltar subsequently acted in the same year by introducing its Gambling Ordinance document to serve the purpose of defining the online gambling industry.

Geographically, Gibraltar is situated at the southern tip of Spain and classified as a British overseas territory. The economy of Gibraltar was historically fuelled by the British military, but over the interim years there has been a transition into finances and online gambling. Gibraltar is self-governing and decides on all of its own taxation decisions. The UK is only hand to assist with the foreign affairs of Gibraltar.

The government settled on a definition where internet gambling constituted people participating ‘by means of remote communication’. In addition, remote communication includes the mediums of internet, telephones, TV, radio or any other electronic devices used for the purpose of transmitting messages.

Gibraltar then became a highly popular British gambling operators relocating in the mid-2000s to take advantage of lower costs. Lots of renowned British brand have made the transition to Gibraltar, with it now, in fact, necessary to stay competitive and relevant. The Licensing Authority and Gambling Commissioner of Gibraltar have the authority to approve the following licenses:

  • Bookmaker
  • Betting intermediary
  • Gaming operator
  • Gaming machine
  • Lottery promoter
  • Pools promoter
  • Remote gambling

In addition to providing gambling licenses to operators, the Licensing Authority and Gambling Commissioner are responsible for ensuring that standard are maintained and requirements upheld. They are also tasked with altering Gambling Ordinance when required and to strive to maintain Gibraltar’s good reputation. Gibraltar maintains that online gambling operators are not permitted to provider their services to players aged under 18.

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