How to play 90 Ball Bingo

January 12, 2015
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How to play 90 Ball Bingo

Bingo 90 is a large commercial business in the UK with over 600 licensed bingo halls and the quality of the venues reflect the demand. (see our bingo history section). The main bingo operators in the UK are Gala Bingo and Mecca Bingo. However the smoking ban introduced in July 2007 is having a great impact on the industry.

The principle of 90 balls is similar to 75 and the main distinctions are found in the amount of number drawn, the tickets and the winning patterns.

Like Bingo 75, 90 balls players must purchase tickets prior to the game. The tickets are coloured and colours represent a game to be played at a specific time of the day. Each ticket is printed with 15 random numbers spread over a grid of 9 columns by 3 rows. The first column represents random numbers ranging from 1 to 9, the second from 10 to 19, the third from 20 to 29, the 4th from 30 to 39, the 5th from 40 to 49, the 6th from 50 to 59, the 7th from 60 to 69, the 8th from 70 to 79 and the last from 80 to 90. Tickets can be sold as a unit, strips (set of 6 tickets) and books (set of 6 strips). Each ticket is unique and the prices vary from 1p to 5 GBP per unit.

Unlike 75, the 90 balls winning patterns are always the same and consecutive: 1 line (marking off all numbers on one row, horizontal), 2 lines (marking off all numbers on 2 rows, horizontal) and full house (marking off all of the 15 card numbers). Each game might offer just one winning pattern, or two or all three in sequence. Sometimes it's possible to win 3 payouts in a single game by being the first to mark off any 1 line, then any 2 lines, and then a full house.

The prizes vary greatly and depend on the number of ticket sold for the game in play. There are also additional jackpots prizes which may be won if the full house is completed within a certain number of number drawn out. In the Uk, there is also a Bingo game which is linked nationally and allow players to win much greater sums of money (reaching millions!). This is called the national bingo game (more information can be found at the following link:

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