How to play 75 Ball Bingo

January 12, 2015
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75 Ball Bingo

75 ball bingo has only very recently, within the last few years, gained popularity in the UK. 75 ball bingo is actually the type of bingo played in the USA and Canada, but since the launch of online bingo, this version of bingo can now be found at most bingo sites, and is just as, if not more popular than the classic, favoured 90 ball bingo game. A game with 75 balls,10 more ticket numbers than 90 ball, and often only one winner per game, 75 ball bingo is an exciting, more rewarding game.


The major difference with 75 ball bingo is the ticket on which its played. A 75 ball bingo ticket is made up of 5 horizontal rows and 5 columns, and each of the five columns fall under a letter – either B, I, N, G or O. Like all other bingo types, the numbers increase in size with every column, with the first column (B) housing numbers from 1 – 15, I = numbers 16 – 30, N = 31 – 45, G = 46 – 60, and O = 61 – 75.
In theory, there are 25 numbers on each 75 ball bingo card, but in most, if not all circumstances when playing this version online, the very centre number (always in column N) is free, meaning there are just 24 numbers to mark in order to claim the full house.

Game Types
When you choose to play this type of bingo, you'll find that there is a whole variety of different types to play, and the rounds or “genre”, and the types of game vary at different bingo sites. Patterns:

The pattern game type is extremely popular and played at a vast amount of bingo sites. Some may argue that this is the more enjoyable type because every bingo game is different, as instead of playing for straightforward lines or full houses like most bingo games, the pattern types require you to dab a pattern or shape on your ticket. Patterns range from anything from letters of the alphabet, to numbers, or simple shapes such as hearts, diamonds and pyramids, and when the numbers that form the pattern are dabbed, you have won the 'full house'.
With this popular game type, there are also variations that come with it. Some bingo sites go straight to playing for the pattern, whereas other bingo sites split the game into 3 rounds – 1 line anywhere, the pattern, and then the full house (the whole card covered).

This type isn't as popular and not as widely played but will be found at numerous online bingo sites, and is probably the easiest of all types to play.
Usually, the 'lines' variation is split into five rounds of bingo, with five different prizes, and the object of the game is to claim one line at a time. The first round usually requires you to claim one line anywhere, whether that be horizontally, vertically or diagonally, and even sometimes 4 corners, and can be claimed in as little as just 4 balls. Once that round is complete, the next four require you to mark 2 lines, 3 lines, and 4 lines, and finally, five lines, which is also the full house. Playing
75 ball bingo plays like most bingo games but with only a mere handful of differences. The calling is slightly different with most 75 ball bingo games, and this goes back to the aforementioned 'columns'. Instead of a single number being called, the letter is usually said before it. Ie: B 13.
Like most bingo sites, dabbing/daubing/number marking is automatic, which is incredibly convenient, especially in the pattern games. If however there is no auto dab option, you'll find the pattern is highlighted on every ticket you have in a slightly darker shade than the ticket, making it easy for you to see which numbers you require.

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