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Bingo Chat Abbreviations and Acronyms

F February 17, 2016
Bingo Chat Abbreviations and Acronyms

Chat rooms are the equivalent of the community that exists in bingo halls but have a much larger and greater scope to meet friends. This online feature is a key and vital element of today's online bingo. You can chat about the current game, gossip and meet people. Operators also employ bingo moderators to offer games in which user may win free prizes, bonuses or cash.

The semantics used by the players tend to be abbreviated for discussion which can defficult for a beginner. There are several hundred people conversing at the same time and the discussions are made at a very fast pace. This is why people who chat online have created their own vocabulary and acronyms. To help you out, has created a comprehensive chat lingo list which will help you entering the ever growing chat community by using chat glossary andchat acronyms.

Here we have compiled an exhaustive list of all of the chat abbreviations you may find being typed in a bingo chat room (or other chat rooms for that matter). I hope you will find it helpful when exchanging with your fellow bingo players.

 Big Smile Evil Grin
 Grin Smile
 Very Big Smile Wicked Grin
1tgone/two numbers left to go to get bingoA/SAge/Sex
A/S/LAge/Sex/LocationAFAIKAs Far As I Know
AFKAway From KeyboardAFK2PAway From Keyboard To Pee
AKAAlso Known AsAOYPAngel On Your Pillows
ASAPAs Soon As PossibleBBack
BAKBack At Keyboard (after being away)BBIAMBe Back In A Minute
BBLBe Back LaterBBSBe Back Soon
BDT'Bout Darn TimeBFBoyfriend
BLNTBetter Luck Next TimeBOBlackout
BOGOFBuy One Get One FreeBRBBe Right Back
BTUBack To YouBTWBy The Way
CULSee You Later (C U Later)CYASee You
CYAL8RSee You LaterEGEvil Grin
EMSGEmail MessageFAQFrequently Asked Questions
FWIWFor What It's WorthFYIFor Your Information
GAGGreen And GoneGFGirlfriend
GGGood GameGGGood Going
GGPGotto Go PeeGLGood Luck!
GL2UGood Luck To YouGL2U2Good Luck To You Too
GLAGood Luck AllGLACGood Luck All Close
GLE1Good Luck EveryoneGLNGGood Luck Next Game
GLNTGood Luck Next TimeGMGame Master
GMGood MorningGMTAGreat Minds Think Alike
GNGood NightGR8Great
GRNGreenGTSYGlad To See You
H&AHug And KissHAGDHave A Good Day
HAGNHave A Good NightHBHurry Back
HHISHanging Head In ShameICI See
IYKWIMIf You Know What I meanIGPI Gotta Pee
IRLIn Real LifeIMHOIn My Humble Opinion
IMOIn My OpinionJKJust Kidding
JMOJust My OpinionJTLYKJust To Let You Know
KITKeep In TouchKOTCKiss On The Cheek
KOTLKiss On The LipsL8RLater
L8R G8RLater GatorLMAOLaughing My Arse Off
LMBOLaughing My Butt OffLOFTINGTalking In Private Chat (The Loft)
LOLLaughing Out LoudLTNSLong Time No See
LUWAMHLove You With All My HeartLYLove You
MNCMother Nature CallsNETUANobody Ever Tells Us Anything
NPNo ProblemOICOh, I See
OMGOh My God (Goodness)OTOHOn The Other Hand
OTPOn The PhoneOTFLOn The Floor Laughing
PITAPain In The ArsePMPrivate Message
PMPPeeing My PantsPOOFI Have Left The Chat
RAreRAGRed and Gone
REHi Again!ROFLRolling On Floor Laughing
ROFLPIMPRolling On The Floor, Peeing In My PantsROTFLRolling On The Floor Laughing
ROTFLMAORolling On The Floor Laughing My Arse OffRTFRead The Faq
RTFMRead The F*cking ManualRTSMRead The Stupid Manual
SACSorry All CloseSACSorry Arse Cards
SDSweet DreamsSOSignificant Other
SOHFSense Of Humor FailureSPAMStupid Persons' Advertisment
SRYSorrySSSo Sorry
STUSame To YouSWAKSealed With A Kiss
SWLScreaming With LaughterSYSSee You Soon
TCTake CareTOYThinking Of You
TPTBThe Powers That BeTTFNTa Ta For Now
TTYLTalk To You laterTXThanks
TYThank YouTYU2Thank You, You Too
TYVMThank You Very MuchUYou
VEGVery Evil GrinWBWelcome Back
WDWell Done!WTGWay To Go
WTHWhat The HeckWYSIWYGWhat You See Is What You Get
YAGYellow And GoneYBSYou'll be Sorry
YLOYellowYMMVYou're Mileage May Vary
YSRYeah,..Sure,..RightYVWYou're Very Welcome
YWYou're Welcome

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