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You'll never guess which celebrity stars love a night at the bingo

F June 12, 2015
guess which celebrity stars love bingo

No longer the domain of gentle old ladies, you'll find flat white-sipping hipsters and poker-loving bad boys settling down (or gearing up) for a good game of bingo. Not to mention a whole host of celebrity fans. At this rate, pretty soon we'll be seeing people playing bingo at the Oscars!

Catherine Zeta-Jones:

Catherine Zeta Jones Plays BingoThe Welsh Darling Buds of May beauty turned Hollywood A-lister makes her own cards each Christmas and uses them to host a festive bingo competition. We're guessing online bingo came in handy for those long days on the sets of films such as Ocean's Twelve and Entrapment. So you might be playing bingo alongside a movie star when you visit a top online bingo site!

Believe it or not, the U2 front man even owned half a bingo hall once (Dublin's famous Mr Pussey’s) and would often invite celebrities, such as Naomi Campbell, to join him there. Bono from U2 speaking - plays bingo

Kate Moss

Switching the catwalk for the bingo hall - or perhaps a nifty online bingo app - Vogue reports that her and husband Jamie Hince love staying at home and playing bingo with their kids!

Russell Crowe

Maximus Decimus Meridius, as well as commanding the armies of the North, was once a bingo caller (although he was fired for his rude bingo calls) and has always been a huge fan of the game.

Ricky Tomlinson

No surprise given his character in The Royale Family, the friendly Liverpudlian even sang The Bingo Song and released his own DVD version of the game to play at home. Bet he knows where to find the UK’s best bingo!

Prince William

Yes, it's true, the dad of two (and second in line to the throne of Great Britain) was spotted enjoying a cheeky spot of bingo near Sandhurst Military Academy when he was in training there! http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk/5404966.stm

Courtney Cox

The Friends star - famous for her portrayal of neurotic Monica Geller (who would definitely not take losing at Bingo well) - is a massive fan of bingo, often playing with celebrity friends Paris Hilton and Rikki Lake. We haven't yet discovered her favourite online bingo site though.

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