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Who is your bingo buddy?

F April 20, 2015
Who is your bingo buddy?

Who is your bingo buddy?

If you play bingo at your local bingo hall then you might have a friend, or a group of friends, that you visit with every time. Bingo presents a fantastic opportunity for an evening out, a good gossip and a chance to take home some winnings. Who's your bingo buddy? Perhaps you're a mix-and-match type of person. Do you take different friends every time? Be honest, do you have a favourite? When you're playing bingo you want to be able to relax and have fun, putting the world to rights as you listen out for the numbers. - Playing bingo online: is it less social? If you're only used to playing bingo offline then you might think that online bingo is an activity for the lonely. You might think that there's something a bit miserable about playing bingo on your own whilst you're lying in bed, watching TV in the evening or sitting on the sofa with a sandwich in your hand, but it couldn't be further from the truth. Almost all bingo sites include chat rooms where you can get to know your fellow bingo players. Simply join a game room, look for the chat box and type out a greeting. Other bingo players are very friendly, and if you stick to the same site regularly, you're almost certain to start recognising some usernames. You'll meet the same players time and time again, giving you a chance to catch up and share gossip just as you would at your local bingo hall. - Online bingo chat moderators Online bingo chat rooms feature moderators that will stand out from all of the other players. They're there to keep an eye on the chat, but as things are so friendly it's unlikely that there will be any trouble. Instead, you'll notice that moderators make an enthusiastic effort to greet all new arrivals so that you won't feel ignored when you first sign up and start to buy your tickets. The moderators are human, so don't be afraid to say a quick 'hello'! Moderators also encourage chat room interaction by hosting mini games on most bingo sites, where you'll be expected to type something into the chat box in order to win a prize. If anything, you'll find that you're even more sociable online than you are when you're playing bingo offline.

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