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Understanding different types of online bingo games

F January 12, 2015
Understanding different types of online bingo games

When you decide to play bingo online, you've got plenty of choices to make. The first is the actual site or sites that you use, before deciding how much to deposit, when to play, whether to join in with the chat rooms... the decisions are endless! One other key decision that you'll have to make is about which type of bingo games to play, as there are choices to be made here too.

There are four main types of bingo games, some of which are more common than others on UK bingo sites. Typically, one of the main types of game that is played is 75-ball bingo, which is played on a 5x5 card with the middle square normally marked as free. The aim is to get all of the numbers that form a certain pattern within that card, which varies from game to game and can be anything from a simple X shape to a full house. Many of the top bingo sites also offer 90-ball games, in which the numbers are marked on a 9x3 card. Each of the three horizontal lines contains 5 numbers which need to be gained through the bingo calls. Generally, 90-ball games have three stages: one line, two lines and full house; thereby offering players three chances to win on each of their cards. The full house prize is the largest, with the remaining winnings split between the one line and two line winners. Less common is 30-ball bingo, also known as "speed bingo". As the name suggests, this game involves just 30 balls, and is played using cards that feature just 9 numbers, laid out in a 3x3 formation. The aim here is to fill the card by matching all of your 9 numbers to those that have been called out in the quickest time. Finally, and far less common, is 80-ball bingo, which is played on a 16 number card laid out in a 4x4 square. The ways in which players can win 80-ball bingo games vary from site to site: some offer prizes for one line (which can be horizontal, vertical or diagonal) while others offer prizes for the four corners or the full house. A lot of the time, the best way to work out which game appeals the most to you is to try them out for yourself. While it might seem complicated at first, it's easy once you've played a few games!

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