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Top tips for better bingo playing

F June 17, 2015
top bingo tips for better playing

In recent years, bingo has started to become a little more popular across all age groups, shedding its old lady-friendly reputation and aiming to appeal to everyone for a night out. If you are interested in having a go at bingo, it can easily be a fun night out where you could win some money, have a laugh and chat with friends. Obviously, a night playing bingo would be made even better if you won a game or two, but as bingo is a game of chance, this is not something that you can predict. However, there are some things that you can do to improve your chances of winning...

Don’t have too many cards

You might think that if you have lots of bingo cards, you greatly improve your chances of winning, as you will have more numbers to play with, and more combinations available. However, you are not able to focus clearly on your cards if you have too many, and this can make it difficult to know if you have actually won anything. If you call too late, you won’t win anything.

Double check your numbers

As you are marking off your numbers, take the time to double check what numbers have been called and which you are marking off. Taking the extra time to do this will help to prevent you from marking a number by accident, or missing out a number. This means that you can avoid calling by accident, or not calling quickly enough when you have won.

Choose a good bingo hall or site

There are bingo chains that have great reputations and other chains that are not as popular. Look online for reviews of various bingo halls and websites to see where people are winning and where people feel they have been ripped off. Unfortunately, there are places where you can lose your money because the company is acting fraudulently, and you won’t be able to win there. The best way to win fairly is to find a trustworthy bingo hall or website that makes the odds fair.

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Great post
This is so true! I look for new online bingo sites because I hope that they'll want to build their reputation. It's a shame when bingo websites are frauds!
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