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The Sexy Guide to S Bingo Calls

G February 17, 2016
The Sexy Guide to S Bingo Calls
Searching the internet for sites with free bingo no deposit promos is not that easy for bingo players. At times, it might feel that there might not be any authentic free bingo sites anywhere. Don’t lose hope as there are indeed authentic free bingo no deposit sites around. Before heading to these sites, first, let us familiarize ourselves with bingo calls which start with S. If you're into sets of dozen numbers, think one dozen times two, one dozen times three, one dozen times four. Number 84 is just plain Seven Dozen; while number 72 is called Six Dozen. For bingo call number 8, simply keep in mind that number 8 rhymes with Sexy Kate and She's Always Late. For bingo call number 16, think of a lovely, sweet lady who has never been kissed as number 16 is also known as She's Lovely, Sweet Sixteen and Never Been Kissed. It is time to get medieval and remember Robin Hood, the prince of thieves whose home is in the forest of Sherwood. For good old nostalgic chivalry, knock on wood, S bingo call number 33 is called Sherwood Forest in honor of the homey Sherwood. Let us talk about S bingo calls for number 81 and 82.  Number 81 is Stop and Run; while number 82 is Straight On Through. Just in case you always forget the bingo names of these two, we are going to have one fat lady make some good hearted plea as number 82 is also known as Fat Lady with a Duck; while number 81 is also known as Fat Lady and A Little Wee. If you are scared of snakes, then I hope you won’t be afraid with numbers that look a lot like two snakes moving. Just proceed with caution and be wary as number 55 is called Snakes Alive. Now, that you have managed not to faint and stay alert and alive, we may proceed without caution with S bingo call 85 as number 85 is called none other than a person's good old instinct of Staying Alive. If you've heard of the classic TV show called 77 Sunset Strip, then you are definitely into classics which makes number 77 easy to digest because in S bingo calls Sunset Strip it is called. Since you know Sunset Strip, may I ask if you are in the golden age of 65? You don’t have to answer that, instead just bear in mind that number 65 is called Stop Work, referring to the retirement age in the UK. Despite claims to the contrary, do remember that authentic free bingo no deposit sites do exist.

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