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The Raw Guide to R Bingo Calls

G February 17, 2016
The Raw Guide to R Bingo Calls
Whether for fun or for monetary gain, a number of us want to experience the thrill of playing bingo. There are a number of bingo sites to choose from online. A number of us though shy way from bingo due in part to the game’s strange language. Bingo phrases or bingo calls are some of the reasons why some people shy away from this game. Here are some drills to help us become familiar with this game, specifically with bingo calls which start with R. Number 64 is called Red Raw in R bingo call. If you are a fan of the red raw talent of the iconic British pop group, The Beatles, you won’t have a hard time remembering number 64. Give yourself some Beatle loving by singing the popular love song "When I'm 64", a song about a young man’s plan of growing old with his loved one. So, that's the way to keep in mind that Red Raw is number 64. Next up is number 29,  known as Rise and Shine in bingo call. They say 29 rhymes with rise and shine, but if you're still doubtful, try reciting these two: in your prime and you're doing fine. I bet you can now easily remember since In your Prime and You're Doing Fine is also the other calls for number 29. If you're a fan of Rugby, you’ll just slide by this next bingo call. Since you know that there are 15 players in a rugby team, it will be without deep thinking and screaming to recall that number 15 is Rugby Team in R bingo lingo. Remember the time when you were young, keen and stroppy. We all these characteristics happened when we were just 15 years old. Thus, number 15 is also known as Stroppy Teen and Young and Keen. Should we at least give you a royal salute at this point for going through these bingo call drills? But wait, number 21 is actually Royal Salute in R bingo number call. Bingo might be a strange game at first due to its unfamiliar lingo, but by visiting some of the new bingo sites as well as some of the named best bingo sites; in time you’ll be  familiar with the strange bingo language. Just go ahead and try it.

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