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The Quaky Guide to Q Bingo Calls

G February 17, 2016
The Quaky Guide to Q Bingo Calls
If you take a look at the history of bingo games, you'll be surprised to know that bingo can actually be traced back to some of the most powerful kingdoms of the ancient times. It is said that the game of bingo originated from the lottery games of the Roman Empire. At that time, the business of lottery gaming became so profitable that lottery earnings were even used by the Romans for government operations. The game of bingo can even be traced to one of the most powerful empires in China. It is said that the powerful Han Dynasty used earnings from lottery games to fund the building and construction of the famous Great Wall of China! Now, who would have thought that popular online bingo games had some ancestry from these ancient powerful kingdoms? Let us now learn the Q bingo call for number 22. If like me, you like cooking roasted duck, then you will have no trouble at all remembering one loud duck quack. So, in honor of the good old English roast duck, let us keep in mind that number 22 is none other than Quack Quack.  Speaking of ducks, if you look closely at number 2, it does resemble a little duck. Thus, number 22 is also known as Ducks on a Pond and Two Little Ducks. Just to keep things jolly, let us toss in bingo call number 73. Just hop and be merry because bingo call number 73 is actually called Queen B. If you still have trouble remembering, try rambling these three: A catch and a Flea, Under the Tree and Camomile Tea. Aside from Queen B, those three are also bingo calls for number 73. Now that we have learned the two Q bingo calls lingo, let us have some fun facts about bingo and cockney rhyming. Let us not forget that most of the bingo calls had their beginnings from cockney rhyming slang. Playing bingo is like playing pony and trap, but try to remember your neighbour's standing barnet fair when she had won a handful of pounds from playing online bingo. So, what are you waiting for? Online bingo is the way to go. Grab some chips and beer and start playing bingo games. You'll never know when  luck will come and you can have a merry bingo beginning.

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