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The Posh Guide to P Bingo Calls

G February 17, 2016
The Posh Guide to P Bingo Calls
Discovering new bingo sites and best bingo sites is a thrilling, fun experience. It doesn't hurt too that playing bingo does help you earn some real cash. Isn't that great? Let us now proceed with our P bingo call drills. First up is number 49 which is P.C. in bingo lingo. If you are a fan of  PC 49, a well-known cop show on British radio in the 1940s and 1950s, then you'll have no trouble remembering the bingo call for number 49. It is also noteworthy to remember that PC in 49 stands for police constable, and not personal computers. But then again, if personal computers rock your world, keeping PC personal computers in mind wouldn't hurt. Turning our attention now to card games, if you're an avid card game player, then you wouldn't have a hard time remembering number 52. If you count a full pack of cards, excluding the jokers, there are 52 cards in all. With the good old card playing of laying it all, number 52 is Pack 'o Cards in bingo calls. As of now, we've talked about police shows and card games. It makes me wonder why I am combining things that are not similar to one another. I doubt if these two even go well with each other. Talk about pick and mix. Oh, wait Pick and Mix is actually number 26. Now, with bingo call number 24, unless you can find something else that rhymes with four, it is quite easy to keep in mind that number 24 is Pompey Whore. Turning our attention now to the world of entertainment, guess the English celebrity couple for bingo call number 17? It is Victoria “Posh” Beckham and David Beckham. You see, David used number 7 when he used to play football for the England team. Victoria Beckham didn't really have a number when she was with the Spice Girls. However, Victoria's body is so thin that her body resembles number 1. Let us keep in mind Posh and Becks as bingo call number 17. Now that you are able to put two and two of P bingo calls together, it is about time to head out to new bingo sites and best bingo sites to have some thrills, fun and even some real cash. Just keep in mind that bingo call number 22 is Put Your 22's On.

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