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The Monkey's Guide for M Bingo Calls

G February 17, 2016
The Monkey's Guide for M Bingo Calls
Did you know that in the UK online bingo is the most popular leisure activity for women between twenty and twenty five years old?  If you are a keen online bingo player yourself you may know that the trend does not just stop with playing the game itself but spreads far and wide.  UK online bingo players show their enthusiasm for the game by wearing clothes and accessories with bingo slogans as well as becoming more fluent in the calls that are used for the various numbers as well as the bingo chat room language. The calls are central to the culture of the bingo game and are great fun to learn.  If you hear about a Monkey on the Tree would you know what number this is?  Or what about a Monkey’s Cousin?  These are two of the bingo calls which begin with the letter M and amongst some others will be explained to help you remember them for when you next play bingo online. These numbers which feature a monkey in their calls could confuse some who know that there is a fair influence of Cockney Rhyming Slang in bingo.  Monkey is a non-rhyming, Cockney rhyming slang word for £500 but in bingo it is based upon rhyming as opposed to non-rhyming. Taking the Monkey’s Cousin this is the rhyming slang for one dozen which is the number 12.  The Monkey on the Tree is very simply the number three which rhymes but is also visual as when a monkey hangs off a tree he (or she!) can look like the number 3. Continuing on with a rhyming theme another call is Made in Heaven which rhymes with the number 67.  If you need a little extra ammunition to remember this one then think about the film with the same name, from 1987 (also rhymes with 67) starring Timothy Hutton and Kelly Mc Gillis.  Their characters meet in heaven, fall in love but then Kelly’s character has to be born a human so Hutton’s character does a deal to become human also.  However their characters are not allowed to remember each other and they have 30 years to find each other on earth. Make Then Wait is the call for number 58 which rhymes and can be further reinforced by knowing about a Cosmo survey in which 58 per cent of guys said that they expected to be made wait for the big occasion by girls that they really like.   Man Alive was a saying which apparently originated in Queen Victoria’s reign as she disapproved of cursing or taking the Lord’s name in vain.  So instead of saying Oh My God people would replace that with Man Alive; and in bingo it is the number 5. Me and You is an especially easy one to remember as it is for the number 2, as it rhymes and also if you think about how many people are around when it is me and you then it is also two. Last but not least is the last online bingo call which begins with M and this is More Than Eleven.  Although logic may say that it could be the number 12 forget logic and go with the rhyming slang approach and you will find when you play bingo online that More Than Eleven means the number 37.

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