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The Lucky Guide to L Bingo Calls

G February 17, 2016
The Lucky Guide to L Bingo Calls

Feeling lucky and thinking about playing bingo games online, perhaps you would like to soak up a bit of bingo culture?  The twelfth in a series of alphabetical bingo calls; this features the lucky ones and more which begin with the letter L.  Knowing some or lots of them gives extra enjoyment to bingo games whether on the best bingo sites or down at the local hall.

So first we will look at the lucky L calls of which there are two but they both refer to the same number.  Lots of people have their own personal lucky number but there is one number which has had books dedicated to it and it is even featured in Wikipedia.  The Goths and the Romans had seven deities, the Persian mysteries contained seven spacious caverns, the Arabians had seven Holy Temples and the list goes on about the reasons for the number 7 being such a lucky number.  The two calls which refer to it are very simply Lucky and Lucky Seven.

Also within the L bingo calls we have two calls which also refer to the one number.  The first one actually contains the number in it so it doesn’t get much easier than that, does it?  Legs Eleven surprisingly enough is for the number 11 as is the call Legs – They are Lovely.

The next couple of calls are also pretty easy to remember, although some may consider them quite subjective.  Depending what age you are you may feel that your life really kicked off at twenty one, or thirty, or thirty five, or a whole range of possible ages.  However the common saying, whether people feel it is true or not, is that life begins at forty.  This brings us to the call Life Begins At and to remember the number you just finish it off in your mind with 40.

Then we have Life’s Begun which is the next year in a person’s life when they should have experienced the common perception that life does indeed begin at forty.  So Life’s Begun refers to the number 41.

Some calls are based around either the visual appearance of the number or rhyming slang.  For example Little Duck with a Crutch is one of the visual explanations.  What number looks like a duck to you, never thought about it?  It certainly isn’t the number 8, otherwise the duck would be suffering with serious health problems.  It is the number 2 and its crutch is the number 7, so putting these together we have the number 27.

Then we have a rhyming slang example which is Little Boy Blue for the number 2. Finally there is Little Jimmy which is another call for number 1, along with Kelly’s Eye, At the Beginning, B1 Baby of Bingo, Buttered Scone or Nelson’s Column. 

We hope you enjoyed the lucky L bingo calls and wish you fun and luck when you next play bingo games either in the comfort of your own home or in the local hall.



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