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  • The lingo of bingo - what those chat acronyms mean

The lingo of bingo - what those chat acronyms mean

F February 17, 2016
The lingo of bingo - what those chat acronyms mean

Bingo sites and apps are growing in popularity, inspiring a new generation of players to enjoy this great game, and as these games are often automated it's easier than ever to play. Since players don't have to concentrate on marking their cards, chatting to others has become a popular pastime, and bingo chat sites seem to have their own language. However, there's no need to panic. Bingo players tend to be a very friendly bunch, and by learning a few acronyms you can soon enjoy being part of the chat rooms.

GL / GLA = Good luck / Good luck all When a new game begins, it's polite to wish the others in the room luck, and a friendly GL will show the other players that you're rooting for them. You can also reply to well wishers with a GL2U2 (good luck to you too). 1TG / 2TG = One to go / Two to go etc. If you're getting close to a win, with only one or two squares left to go, then you can share your excitement with others in the room by proclaiming how many you have TG (to go). This acronym also helps you see how the others are doing, and whether things are close, ramping up the tension. TY / YW = Thank you / You're welcome If someone gives you a compliment, or helps you use the site, these acronyms help you show your appreciation. It's also nice to give a TY when you win, showing your good sportsmanship. NC / SAC = No chance / Sorry a**e cards If you've been left behind while everyone else seems to be close to a win, then you can politely vent your frustrations by complaining of your SAC. People will often sympathise, and you might make friends with some others who are having a less than winning night. WD / WDW = Well done / Well done winners Even if you don't win a round, it's nice to congratulate those who do with a WD. This keeps the atmosphere in the chat rooms friendly, and who knows, next time it might be you. There are many acronyms on the internet, but bingo chat seems to have its very own language. However, there are only a few that are used on a regular basis, and once you start playing you'll soon pick them up.

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