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The Kicking Guide to K Bingo Calls

G February 17, 2016
The Kicking Guide to K Bingo Calls

As we work our way through the alphabet of bingo calls we find ourselves at the letter K which like some other letters has a bit of heritage behind some of the calls.  A newcomer could easily assume that a couple of the K bingo calls which have the name Kelly in them refer to a girl called Kelly, however this is not the case.  Knowing the stories behind these makes it easier to remember them when you play bingo online, so here’s who Kelly was.

Many people of a certain age know that during the late 18th and 19th centuries large numbers of convicts were shipped off the various parts of Australia which were the penal colonies of the British government.  Over a period of 80 years or so more than 165,000 prisoners were transported to Australia.  Amongst these was an Irish man called John “Red” Kelly.

When he was released in 1848 he moved to Victoria and found worked at the farm of James Quinn and aged 30 he married Quinn’s daughter Ellen. The first surviving son born to them was Edward (Ned) Kelly.  Ned once risked his life to save another boy from drowning but himself and the Kelly family were better known for cattle and horse crime which led to him being declared an outlaw, fairly or unfairly is debatable.

However Ned Kelly, the Irish-Australian bushranger, became a folk here in the eyes of many due to his defiance of the colonial authorities.  His notoriety and daring nature made him an iconic figure in Australian folklore, film, art and history.  He was hanged for murder in 1880.  Little could he know that people who play bingo games today both in halls and online would be listening out for his name for certain numbers.

Through his adventurous lifestyle he had only one eye so the bingo call Kelly’s Eye refers to the number 1; so you now know who Kelly was and that he had one eye.  Then for skinny, chicken legs we have the call Kelly’s Legs which stands for the number 11.

The next couple of bingo calls which begin with K are more straightforward; this one is based on rhyming slang, it is Knock at the Door and is for the number 4.   Last but not least is the Key of the Door which although simple can actually mean two different numbers, either 21 or 18.  In my time, makes me sound ancient.. .the tradition was definitely 21 but I guess his depends on your location and culture.

That wraps it up for the K calls so don’t forget the Kelly story and the other ones are simple; this way the next time you play bingo online you can find it even more enjoyable.


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