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The jumping Guide for J Bingo Calls

G February 17, 2016
The jumping Guide for J Bingo Calls

It is difficult to say out of the many fun bingo calls which one is my personal favourite but certainly one that is filed under J is up there at least in my top five.  Sometimes I wonder how did I enjoy the game properly before I knew the free bingo heritage and all the calls that go with it?  For anyone who like me started playing online bingo and had never been down to a bingo hall I would strongly recommend getting to know the calls as it really does make a difference to your experience of the game.

There are not a lot of bingo calls which begin with the letter J but they are a nice mixture of rhyming slang and other meanings.  Taking the more complicated one first which is Jack Benny, which is only difficult for us because Jack Benny has been dead since 1974 and was famous in the very early 20th century so not many of us would know him.  He was however an American comedian, actor, radio star and also vaudeville performer, he was actually one of the biggest stars in classic American radio.  He had a classic repertoire of running gags which included in continuing age of 39.  So although it is an older one let’s make sure it doesn’t get lost with time so remember to use Jack Benny for 39.  Keep him alive in our memories.

The next call is also about Jack but not Jack Benny it is a simple rhyming slang call which is Jack’s Alive for the number 5.

Heading back to age related bingo calls we have Just My Age which means that it is a popular age that lots of people seem to want to be, although I reckon Jack Benny was a lot more realistic with his 39.  Just My Age is the number 21, this favourite of those who have passed this age and wish to revert back there.

Finally comes the one that features in my favourite five so I think I need to build you up to it a little.  There are thousands of exercise programs designed around this bingo call, there are millions or possibly billions of men who desire the person featured in this bingo call, the media debate it and doctors explain why it is desirable because in actual fact is shows not only the likelihood of reproduction but may relate to the intelligence of the offspring.

If you haven’t guessed already I will put you out of your misery, the final J call is indeed J Lo’s Bum for the number 71; one assumes these are centimetres perhaps!  Catch up with us soon to find out more calls when you are next playing free bingo online.


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