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The interesting guide for I bingo Calls

G February 17, 2016
The interesting guide for I bingo Calls

The online bingo calls which begin with the letter I are funny as they could almost make their own sentence if you were to put them together.  Whether you still prefer to pay a visit down to the local bingo hall or you’re much happier to stay indoors playing it is more fun when you know some of the calls.

Looking at how they could almost be a sentence on second thoughts put together they are more like drunken ramblings.  Here we go:  “If only I was In a State, I’m Free, I Love my Mum, In Your Prime.”  Definitely more like ramblings so let’s try to make some sense out of them.

Bearing in mind some of them may be based on Cockney Rhyming slang and others may not, for example like the first one “If only I was” this is not based on rhyming slang but more like wishful thinking.  To guess this bingo call and to remember it in future think about what everyone’s favourite age seems to be, even though maybe it wasn’t the best year of their life s such.  When people reach their thirties and onwards many of them say that they are 21 again, as if this is the optimum age.  So If Only I was is the number 21.  Although it is debatable as to whether it really is the best age.

Maybe the next call you could still think relates to the number 21-In a State-lots of people end up in a state on the night of their 21st birthday.  Actually this one is based on the rhyming slang and is the number 28 that is for In a State. 

I’m Free brings up lots of different scenarios and here we could debate about what is freedom, what does it mean to be really free and so on.  Some people may see freedom mostly as financial freedom which is often achieved a little later in life for many people or being free could also be about your relationship status; a person can be young, free and single or perhaps not so young but at least free and single.  But in fact we have a more simple rhyming call here as I’m Free is for the number 3.

The next one is a little more complicated-Is She In Yet?-as this is sort of based on rhyming slang but indirectly so you need to know what the connector is here.  Is She In Yet is connected with She Is Always Late which does in face rhyme with the number 8.

Another debatable call coming up here is In Your Prime, when are we really in our prime?  This is an immovable feast I believe, however at least in bingo terms In Your Bring is rhyming slang and relates simply to the call for the number 29.

Last but of course not least is I Love My Mum which is very simply the number 51.  Don’t forget to watch out for the next in our online bingo calls series.

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