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The Good Old Guide for O Bingo Calls

G February 17, 2016
The Good Old Guide for O Bingo Calls
Have you ever turned your back to free bingo no deposit sites because of your fear of all those bingo calls? Fear no more. It's about time to soak up the excitement of free bingo games. We will make bingo calls so easy that you won't be running away from good old free bingo no more. First up, ever wonder what is number 17 in O bingo calls? Number 17 is Often Been Kissed. To make number 17 more memorable, play some classic Abba songs with you as number 17 is also known as Dancing Queen. Sticking up to our classic theme for a bit, try to connect with family members who are in the golden age of 65. Call them up and have some free bingo fun with them because number 65 is actually Old Age Pension in O bingo calls. Let's have a break for a moment and have a uk online casino snack. I better stick to fruit for now as I have turned into one fat lady. Wait, number 8 definitely resembles the top and bottom of a larger lady. It actually does as One Fat Lady is number 8. Make that one fat lady Over Weight and you have 28! Speaking of number resemblances, let's take a closer look at number 7. Have you noticed how it looks just like a little crutch? That's why number 7 is One Little Crutch. Let's stick to number resemblances for now and take a look at numbers 2 and 3. Doesn't the number 2 look like one little duck? Others argue though that it looks more like a swan! I guess the duck won because number 2 is One Little Duck. Now, about the number 3, doesn't it look a little bit like a flea? I guess no arguments there because number 3 is One Little Flea. How are you doing so far? Are you still with us? These bingo numbers are turning quite into little snakes, aren't they? Hold that thought for a while as number 5 is One little Snake. Say it again, one more time, you might say. I said, number 5 is One Little Snake. But then again number 79 is known as One More Time. Playing free bingo no deposit is the way to go. Wait until you get that one score started, it's like opening two doors of free bingo fun and excitement!  Just some final notes. Number 20 is One Score and number 44 is Open Two Doors. So, what are you waiting for? Go have some bingo fun.

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