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The fat guide to F Bingo Calls

G February 17, 2016
The fat guide to F Bingo Calls

When you are new to playing bingo games online or in a bingo hall then the calls which are integral to the traditional game may seem a bit weird to you.  Lots of them are playful, affectionate and fun to learn with many of them being based on Cockney Rhyming Slang, the shapes of the numbers, some easy ones and ones with more complex stories which go behind the expressions.  The bingo calls which begin with F are a combination of playing on the number shapes and some very easy ones, so this makes them simple to understand and learn.

Embracing the free online bingo trends in a way that makes it more enjoyable means that a person learning the calls can also start to embrace a fat lady!  When a new online bingo player throws their arms around a fat lady, literally if they wish, but definitely in terms of the numbers it is linked with in a bingo game then they can learn a few calls very quickly.

Recently we tested out some new players who knew nothing about the terms and amongst other expressions we asked them about some of the numbers which include a fat lady in the call.  It was a good laugh and showed a lot about how differently a range of people can perceive the same thing.   Between these people some thought a fat lady was a zero, others a six, some the number eight and quite a few thought the number nine.  Which do you think?
In the language of the game a fat lady actually refers to the number eight and there are four Fat Lady calls under the letter F.  The first is a Fat Lady and a Little Wee, so depending on how you picture a little wee you may know what the number is here.  Apparently the bingo people see it as a straight line so a Fat Lady and a Little Wee is the number 81.  The next one is a Fat Lady with a Duck, this was a number that many of our new players reached a consensus on and it is the number 82.  The third Fat Lady is with a Flea and that couple stands for the number 83.  The final one is a Fat Lady with a Crutch which gives us a nice vision and is the number 87.

To make it easier to remember this sequence our team of new players came up with the following:
There was a fat lady who needed an urgent little wee (81)
So she had to duck down to make sure no one could see (82)
Her skirt blew wildly in the wind and she got bitten by a flea (83)
Flopped to the ground and now comes on a crutch to afternoon tea. (87)

The next ones are very straightforward based on doing some sums.  The first I was tempted to add it up and get the number eleven but in this case it is just putting the numbers together side by side, Four and Seven which is 47.  Four Dozen is a quick bit of multiplication and is the number 48.   Five Dozen same applies and is 50 and Four Score with a score being an older term for 20 gives us a total of 80. 

The final number of this F article got me thinking about my younger years a bit and trying to analyse when I was at my peak as a single person in terms of being a good flirt.  Of course each person is different but many of us still have plenty to learn in our twenties so flirting is fun but maybe we have not quite reached our peak yet.  What about the more mature flirt?  It depends on the company you keep and the environment you hang out but the game changes as we calm down later in life for some of us in our forties and onwards.  The number I am talking about is Flirty Thirty for 30 and I had to agree with this term, it brought back fun memories.  Some of these calls can stick in your mind like this for your own personal reasons and give you a warm memory when playing bingo online and hopefully winning some more money again.

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