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The Easy Guide to E Bingo Calls

G February 17, 2016
The Easy Guide to E Bingo Calls

Bingo calls are affectionately based on the likes of Cockney Rhyming slang as well as the shapes of the number combinations, and some calls have very interesting stories behind them.  Taking for example the one mentioned in the article about D bingo calls, which is Doctor’s Orders which is the number nine in bingo because of a pill known as “number nine” which was prescribed quite a lot in the Second World War.  Getting to know the affectionate language used in bingo will help you have even more fun when playing online bingo.

We thought it would be fun to put together a group of new online bingo players who come from a range of backgrounds and age groups to get their initial reactions on these E bingo calls.  These are a group who have never played bingo off line or online but have heard from friends that it is fun.  The group’s chosen spokesperson for his article is a guy in his mid twenties called Eric, who was picked as his name begins with E and also he has a great personality.  This group are divided up into smaller groups and given the various bingo calls to try to guess the meaning and number.

Eric told us that out of the calls his groups were given everyone had special fun with two in particular.  The first was Ethel’s Ear which led to one or two funny family stories about various Auntie Ethels and no one could reach agreement on what number Ethel’s Ear represented.  One person said she had never seen her Auntie Ethel’s Ear as her aunt had such a wonderful head of hair that anything could have been hidden in there.  Another person said his Auntie Ethel’s ears were like small snail shells so he wasn’t sure what number that would be, maybe a number 6. 

A third group member fondly spoke about his Aunt Ethel who seems like quite a character and she still goes down her local bingo hall at the age of 92.  He said her ears, like her character, are quite pronounced and he reckons that her ears mimic her body shape as well so in her case Ethel’s Ear would be a number 88.  He was delighted to be told that he was the closest to the right answer which is actually 83 as the original Ethel was a fat lady (which is an 8) and she had wonderful ears shaped like the number 3.

The other E call which caused lots of laughs was Either Way Up.   Eric said that there were quite a few group members who felt this could be either number 11 or 88 as when you look at these numbers and turn them upside down they could go either way up and look the same.  The group divided itself into three over this bingo call as there were also those who said it had to be the number 69 but the others disagreed with this as they felt that there could be better descriptions for this number.  Eric decided to ask us for some further clues on this one so we decided to supply him with another way this particular number can be called which is A Meal for Two.  Eric who was grinning from ear to ear went back to the group to tell them and then they had no doubt that it was the number 69 after all.

The other E calls which are Eight and Blank as well as End of the Line also caused some differences in opinions but both of these were guessed correctly by some group members as 80 for Eight and Blank, and 90 for End of the Line.  At the end all of the group members said they had such a laugh that they would definitely try free bingo and some said they would be playing bingo online that same night.

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