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The Cool Guide to C Bingo Calls

G February 17, 2016
The Cool Guide to C Bingo Calls

For both newcomers and experienced online bingo players, to make the experience more fun we are exploring the calls in bingo which start with C. As many bingo calls have a Cockney rhyming slang origin it is good to know how rhyming slang works. Having the basis of it makes playing free bingo games more entertaining.

Originally a true Cockney was a person born within the sound of the Bow Bells, of St. Mary-le-bow Church in Cheapside in London. However nowadays it is further flung and actually many people use or understand Cockney rhyming slang without even realising at times. The phrases themselves are taken from expressions that rhyme with a word and then the expression is used instead of the word. However these can become abbreviated and sometimes the rhyming word disappears leaving only the other word. A good example of this is the rhyming slang for “look” which is Butcher's Hook which is more often than not just Butcher's.

In the world of online bingo there are often variations for the numbers. Taking one of the C calls – Camomile Tea - this is the number 73. Yet there are also three other variations for 73 which are A Crutch and a Flea, Under the Tree and Queen B. For the number 74 we have Candy Store but this can also be the Grandmamma of Bingo. Bearing in mind that the next number is the Granddaddy of Bingo at 75, why is it a woman becomes a grandparent one year earlier?

A more modern rhyming slang number was introduced in Butlins Family Holiday Park to appeal to a younger audience. This is Chicken Vindaloo which is the number 52. Staying in fowl mode, we have Cock and Hen for the number 10. This can also be called in bingo as Uncle Ben, Tony's Den (Tony Blair) or Downing Street.

One of the C bingo calls that has different roots is Copper. This is for the number 49. Without knowing the background to it this is impossible to guess. PC49 was a really popular British radio cop show back in the 1940s and 1950s. It also made it into a few film and comic strip spin-offs. Yet the number 49 also has another call which is rhyming slang this one is Rise and Shine, plus two derivations from Copper which are Nick Nick and P.C.

Heading over to the other side of the law, well it depends on the cowboy in question of course, we have Cowboy's Friend which is for the number 45. This is also called as Halfway House and Halfway There. Cowboys used to often carry Colt 45s as guns. When they got to the halfway house they would probably prefer to drink something stronger than a Cup of Tea, this is the number 3. This rhyming slang bingo call has quite a few variations like Goodness Me, Dearie me, One Little Flea, You and Me, I'm Free, Monkey on the Tree and Debbie McGee.

Whether it is a cowboy in his cowboy boots or a lady, they both make a similar noise when leaving the bar...Clickety Click which is the bingo call for the number 66, otherwise called All the Sixes. We hope you'll grab onto some of these cool calls making your online bingo game experience even better!

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