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The Bubby Guide to B Bingo Calls

G February 17, 2016
The Bubby Guide to B Bingo Calls

The ever-increasing world of avid online bingo players means a heightened interest in bingo lingo. How many people crept innocently into playing on line bingo by experimenting with free bingo games? The perfect sweetener to entice a curious person in with a free bingo bonus and before they know it they’re hooked. And why not it is heaps of fun!

This is the second in a series of articles to make it more fun by understanding and knowing more bingo language. So being the second, you guessed it….we will be focusing on the letter B.

Starting with one that you could mistake for a legendary British wrestler, a film or a restaurant is Big Daddy. This is for the number 75 in online bingo or the halls. So that one is pretty easy to remember for the next time you are playing bingo for free.

Another B bingo word that can be associated with a famous personality is Bobby Moore, captain of the England Football Team when we won the World Championship in 1966. This bingo call is based on rhyming slang so if you say the name out loud you can notice it rhymes with number 4.

Next is a series of easy ones to remember when playing bingo games online. They are start with the word blind and are followed by 20, 30, 40 and so on up to 90. The calls are Blind 20, Blind 30, Blind 40 with the same pattern up to Blind 90.

Bed & Breakfast is one that I like, although it is not simple to guess as it is based on history going back much further than my time. A long time ago if you were to stay at a bed and breakfast it cost an average of 2 shillings and sixpence, which was referred to as 2 and 6. In bingo lingo bed & breakfast is the number 26.

A Bunch of Fives is a pretty logical one and is 55. A personal favourite that also falls into double numbers like a Bunch of Fives is Bishop Desmond. You have it – Bishop Desmond Tutu! This Nobel Peace Prize Winner, in 1984, stands for the number 22 in bingo.

B1 Baby of Bingo is the number one and B4 and After is the number 4. B2 Baby’s done it is for the number 2. Back to a bit of rhyming slang we have the Baker’s Bun for 61. The Baker’s Dozen is the number 13.

Another favourite is the newer version of Bang on the Drum which is rhyming slang for 71, with the more recent version being J-Lo’s Bum! Between the Sticks is the number 86. The number 32 is called by Buckle my Shoe, although it can sometimes be used for the number 2 but not very often.

Here is another one with a historical background, Burlington Bertie, the number 30. This is from the song Burlington Bertie’s which dates back to around 1915. The term is also used in horse racing for the odds 100-30.

With these B words we hope you will enjoy even more your online bingo experience whether playing free bingo games or for real money.


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