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Play Bingo on your smart phones

F September 17, 2018
Smart Phones bingo apps

Since bingo hit the web, it's had something of a resurgence, changing seemingly overnight from an activity almost exclusively reserved for the blue-rinse brigade to one that's popular amongst players of all ages and backgrounds. Bingo websites aren't the only new development though; smartphone apps can bring a whole new dimension to your enjoyment of online bingo.

All Major operators offer a Smart phone bingo app

You'll find that most of the major players in the online bingo world have offered downloadable apps for your smartphone or tablet for a few years now, and as they grow in popularity, we think it's the perfect time to sing their praises! The biggest benefit of playing bingo on your smartphone is the ability to play wherever and whenever. Just a decade ago, the only place to play bingo and chat to fellow aficionados was your local bingo hall - the internet allowed us to play from home, and now smartphone apps have opened up the rest of the world! These days, you can park up on a sun lounger in Tenerife, grab your hotel's WiFi code and play bingo in no time. If you aren't lucky enough to be sunning yourself in an exotic location, you can still indulge with a spot of bingo in the bath (just don't drop your phone!) or a cheeky chat to your bingo pals while you're sipping a latte in your local cafe. You'll also find that bingo apps are often far more convenient than playing bingo online on your desktop or laptop computer. In addition to being able to take your phone out and about with you, it's light and portable, and likely to be something you'd carry with you anyway. That means you can banish boredom for good! Whip out your phone while you're waiting for an appointment at the doctor's or dentist's surgery and play some bingo, or log onto your favourite bingo app the next time you have a long train journey to take. You'll reach your destination in no time at all when you're busy having fun!

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