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Online bingo: a cheaper and safer night out?

F November 30, -1
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One of the advantages of playing online bingo is its affordability. You don’t have to spend a lot to enjoy a game of bingo online. In fact, you don’t have to spend anything if you’re registered with some online bingo sites who offer free bingo games to members. But even if you are hoping to add some winnings to your online bingo fun – and why wouldn’t you? – you can still have a great night in, playing for a couple of hours, and spending under £20. That’s a lot less than many of us blow on a typical night out, and that includes going to a traditional bingo hall.

Bingo halls can provide a great night out, of course, but if you have to travel to get there, that’s another cost to consider. Some people say they go to bingo halls mainly because of the social element, but online bingo players often cite the community feeling they experience from playing online and chatting to friends while playing – something that’s often frowned upon in bingo halls. Fears that players may be more at risk of developing a bit of a gambling habit by playing online, in the privacy of their own home, haven’t been borne out by studies into what is often seen as a ‘soft’ form of gambling.

As in any game of risk, there’s the excitement of waiting to see if you’re a winner or not, and it’s this buzz that a lot of bingo players enjoy. It’s always nice to win, but some people take it too far, and maybe not in the way you’d think. Take the recent newspaper reports that showed seven out of 17 bingo halls tested found traces of cocaine in the toilets. One of the halls – in Bristol – also had traces of crack cocaine. The halls with proof of drug abuse were in Glasgow, Romford, Blackpool and Bristol. Of course, most bingo halls are absolutely fine and all the big operators have a zero-tolerance policy on the use of drugs on their premises. But playing online bingo, and socialising with friends in their chatrooms, means you’re always in control of the company you keep.



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