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Is there a way to increase your chance of winning at online bingo?

F January 12, 2015
Increase your chance to win at Bingo

This might seem like a pointless subject for a post - as we all well know, online bingo is a game of chance. While games such as poker allow you to place bets and then make decisions that affect the game, this isn't possible when you play bingo: you buy cards, and then hope that your numbers are called in order that you win. However, there are a few things that can be done to make your chances of winning something slightly higher.

Chances by bingo cards quantity

The most obvious thing that you can do is to buy more cards: more cards equals more chances of winning. Be careful here, though - while you'll have more chances of winning, you'll also increase the amount of money that you're spending. While it's great to win when using a bingo site, it's also all about having fun - make sure that you only spend within your means.

Pot luck or lucky numbers?

The second thing to remember is to ignore all websites that claim you should have a particular strategy when picking your cards. Some websites will tell you to choose a selection of cards that have a variety of numbers, while others will say that cards that share the same numbers will be more likely to win. The truth? Winning happens purely by chance. Don't spend too much time selecting your "perfect" cards, as it won't make much of a difference.

That all important Chat game!

Thirdly, be sure to get involved in any chat games that are taking place on your choice of site. In addition to having the opportunity to win the bingo game, chat games also give you the chance to win loyalty points, which can be converted into additional bingo funds. Playing the chat games doesn't affect the outcome of the actual bingo games at all, however: it's essentially a chance to win free money to spend, so is well worth doing.

All by myself...

Fourthly and perhaps most importantly, the number of players in a room is a vital criterion. Indeed, the amount of players in a game defines the prize pool but also drastically affect your chance of winnings. The more players, the less chances you can win as more people are likely to complete their bingo card or even share a win with you. So look up for rooms that are fairly quiet and have a reasonable initial pot of money. Bingo sites will often guarantee prizes (they might not be huge prizes, but a win is win).

Buy one get one free...

Finally, take advantage of any promotions that your choice of bingo site is running. You'll find that most sites offer special deposit promotions, giving you higher bonuses than normal when you deposit - while others will run competitions every so often which will allow you to win additional funds or other prizes. Be sure to take part in these, and you'll be increasing your likelihood of winning with ease.

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