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How to be the ultimate bingo caller

F February 24, 2017

The best bingo games have several factors in common. It is so important that the players feel at ease, relaxed and comfortable and there is nothing worse than sitting in a cold draughty hall with a miserable bingo caller. Bingo calling is an art form unto itself. A great caller can make or break your experience. So what skills do you need to be the ultimate bingo caller?

Bingo Caller Charisma and confidence

Let's face it, if you are the kind of shrinking violet who hates being the centre of attention then bingo calling might not be your ideal job. Looking awkward as you shake up the balls will hardly fill your audience with confidence. Always plan the order of your games and make sure that you know exactly how the equipment works.

Body language and eye contact speak volumes and getting that all important rapport with your audience from the start is vital. Make large definite gestures; the game isn't just for the people in the first few rows, those right at the very back need to feel involved and important too. Don't be overly manic as you call the numbers, leaping off the stage may be OK in front of a thousand people but not in a hall of 20. Your aim is to acquire the trust and respect of the players, not scare them to death!

Bingo call Style and tone

It can feel a bit daunting the first time you stand alone on the stage, so have a glass of water on hand in case your mouth feels dry. Practice speaking clearly and slowly and remember never to rush - over time you will slip into a steady rhythm. Try to avoid sounding boring, by occasionally alternating the tone of your voice. Some favour the use of rhymes as they call, but if in doubt keep it plain and simple. Pausing and looking up occasionally will give you time to relax and feel in control. You don't want to miss the players shout out, so listening carefully is essential.

The best advice for any new caller is to enjoy the game and be yourself.

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